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It just took fourteen years...and one hot night.After growing up with an unstable father, Kate has always prided herself on her organized and well-planned life. She's secure now with a good job and an impressive boyfriend. And with Aaron, her best friend since high school.Aaron might be smart, funny, and sexy, but he has never been anything more than a friend. Kate will neIt just took fourteen years...and one hot night.After growing up with an unstable father, Kate has always prided herself on her organized and well-planned life. She's secure now with a good job and an impressive boyfriend. And with Aaron, her best friend since high school.Aaron might be smart, funny, and sexy, but he has never been anything more than a friend. Kate will never risk her stable world and her closest relationship by turning the friendship into romance. It doesn't matter how irresistible she's starting to find him, she still intends to resist.But then everything changes in only one night....

Title : one night with her best friend
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ISBN : 16126882
Format Type : Paperback
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one night with her best friend Reviews

  • Talltree
    2019-05-09 01:10

    Sweet hot novella read about an anal-retentive h and her geeky best friend H and how they get their HEA. For a short read, the characters are done very well. I liked how much the H was into the h and how well he knew her.Safe with exception: (view spoiler)[Both of them dated others before getting together, but its safe after that (hide spoiler)]

  • Shawna
    2019-05-11 00:57

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get together with your best friend? Kate hasn't....but her best friend Aaron has. After a disasterous date night for Kate, the line is unexpectantly crossed between Kate and Aaron. Can they ever go back to being just friends? Or can they move forward and become more? Everything can change in one night.A sweet little novella. I've come to realize that I enjoy reading author Noelle Adams on particularily stressful days. Her books might not be 5 star quality to me, but they certainly have their own appeal. They are light and fluffy and fun. No thinking required. A glass of wine and some pj's are all you need and you have a very enjoyable night.I would like to see more confidence developed in Adams' characters though. They always seem just a tad wishy-washy in their abilities to make decisions. Misunderstandings and confusion appear on almost every page. Overall a relaxing read. If you're looking to de-stress, check this author out!!

  • Nareh
    2019-05-04 01:08

    This is a cute, short "feel-good" read. Kate is hesitant to really trust any man after her father, the gambler, risks everything they own for his next big game. Aaron has been in love with her since they were children and hasn't stopped. They both have had other relationships and they never really considered risking their friendship on the hope that they can make it as a couple. But soon that goes down the drain as Kate is dumped and she looks to Aaron for consolation. One thing leads to another and they fall into bed together. Kate second guesses the huge risk to their friendship that a possible romantic relationship may pose and pushes Aaron away. Soon she realizes her error in judgement and goes to him.Like I said, this is a cute, short, feel good romance. It does have the friends-to-lovers trope. I liked this one and will continue to read other books by Noelle Adams.

  • PJ
    2019-05-20 01:06

    3.5 Shorty-Shortster Stars :)I love Noelle Adams "One Night" novellas. You can finish one in an hour or less. They're the fast food of romance stories: short and hot! Sure there could be more, but these books give you exactly what they advertise. Pick one up! At the time of this review there are 4 featuring a Body Guard, a Best Friend, a Boss and an Ice Storm. I love trapped together stories. :)

  • Belle
    2019-05-14 20:42

    I'll admit I absolutely adore stories where best friend fall in love - usually with one pining away for the other, and the other realising what was before them. This did not disappoint in that department.Sadly it was SUPER short, and sheesh one night is right, everything happened so fast, I couldnt even process any of it. hahaEasy, quick read romantic read. I give it 2/5

  • Karen
    2019-05-12 21:48

    I wanted a short sweet romantic book and that is exactly what I got with this novella!!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-24 19:51

    28/11 - I read Noelle Adams' novella trilogy (or at least that's what I'm calling them) One Night in the Ice Storm, One Night with her Best Friend and One Night with her Bodyguard over the space of about four hours and as they were only about 60 or 70 pages long I'm going to write one review for all of them. They were all very similar in general plot and characterisation. The heroine either doesn't like the hero or doesn't see him in a romantic way. The hero has loved the heroine for years, but hasn't said or done anything about it because he was worried about the reception he would receive from the heroine. One fateful night the hero and heroine are thrown together in an unusual circumstance which changes everything. After their one night together the heroine is scared of what it all means and pushes the hero away, or he runs away because he's scared too. It all ends happily with all misunderstandings resolved and each promising the other that they wanted a committed long-term relationship - none of the characters mentioned marriage. After reading the second, and then the third, I began noticing some repetition of phrases, not within the same book but from one book to another.There were very few editing and grammar errors, way below the average, not even enough to warrant the loss of half a star from any of the ratings. Despite the tacky, cliched, even trite aspects of the novellas I really, really enjoyed them. I found them sweet and hot. Most of the situations were believable, most of the characters acted in a way that I found realistic (within reason, they were romances after all) and all that adds up to a trio of four star reads.(

  • Michelle Christine Kua
    2019-05-02 20:08

    "This is the truth Kate, I don't understand why every man in the world isn't in love with you." - Aaron "I know its wrong because its not what you want, but I can't seem to talk myself out of it. Every time I look at you, I want you. Not as a friend, I want you in my arms. I want you in my bed. I want you all the time." -AaronBest friends who discovered their passion for one another in one night after Kate was dumped by her new boyfriend again. Kate always lived the life on being primp and properly organozed especially with her life. But when it comes to being with best friend Aaron, she is able to relax and surrender to his carefree life. She doesn't know this until one physical night made her realize that Aaron is all that he needs in her crazily organized life.A short, cranky love story, best friend turned to boyfriend. Somehow cheesy but it's worth the read. :)

  • Binibining `E (of The Ugly Writers)
    2019-05-03 22:50

    Hey this one is quite pretty good. Eventhough i dont know the author and was intrigued by the title i decided to give this one a try, its good though the story was predictable and short, i wish there was more of the story. It's a typical story about bestfriends falling for each other, each one falling one way or another but eventually realizing that they're better be with one another. And here i thought they would never say the words i love you hihi it would definitely be a cliff hanger if they wouldnt do that.

  • Anais Torres
    2019-05-01 20:42

    Sweet This book takes place all within one night and I don't know if I love it or hate it. I mean, my love for Noelle Adams is still rising and I'm still continuing my pursuit to read all her books. Just this story was odd for me.

  • Nazneen
    2019-05-04 20:11

    I liked Kate & Aron's short story..He was so into her from the beginning..I loved how he understood her & cared for her..

  • Jenn
    2019-05-16 00:05

    Love the best friend angle. Wish there was more to the story!!!

  • Evey
    2019-05-21 04:03

    Formulaic NA/erotic novella. It's not terrible, but it's not good either.

  • Saundra
    2019-05-01 04:10

    Cute story, as short as it is, I actually cared whether Kate and Aaron ended up together. It was nothing I haven't read before, but not a bad way to spend an hour.

  • Alba M.
    2019-05-02 00:04

    No está mal. Son libros para pasar el rato, transitorios, para descansar de trilogías y eso porque son muy muy cortitos y rápidos!

  • Katina
    2019-05-16 22:46

    Really short but sweet read.

  • Crystal Schroth
    2019-05-15 20:12

    Friend romanceI thought the story line was good and the writing was okay but could have been a little bit more detailed.

  • Nina
    2019-04-22 21:47

    I'm giving it a three, not because it was bad but because it's a short book and for that reason I didn't get emotionally invested with the characters. But I will say this, I just figured out that novellas are like a reset button. If you ever go through an emotional wringer, just read one of these HEA short books and you'll be reset for the next big thing.

  • Maria Sena
    2019-04-22 22:04

    Una novela cortita y simple.No esperaba mucho cuando la he cojido y no me he equivocado.Solo queria ver de que forma escribe esta autora que hasta ahora no habia leido nada de ella y despues de lo leido poco mas leere.

  • Rhonda Beard
    2019-05-16 03:10

    Oh I wish this was a full length novel! It was the perfect friends to lovers story

  • Sandra
    2019-04-30 20:42

    Really nice!Loved the great chemistry between these two friends. In one night a rollercoaster of emotions awaits us in this story. Quick read.

  • Kimberly Lund
    2019-04-25 01:09

    It's short and it's sweet. As a novella, it works but because it's a novella, there's simply not enough room to get to know the characters. It's a light, quick read but left me wanting more.

  • Cassey
    2019-04-30 20:00

    A light and quick read.

  • Tanja Glavnik
    2019-05-12 00:11

    Cute, short and to the point - how easy it is to not see something that's right in front of your nose!

  • Callixta
    2019-05-18 19:44 vous avez lu des romans de Noelle Adams, vous reconnaissez facilement sa patte. Dans cette nouvelle qui fait partie d’une série de trois dont le titre commence par « one nigth », elle s’attaque au thème hyper classique de deux mais qui vont tomber amoureux après des années d’une amitié indéfectible et solide.Kate et Aaron se connaissent depuis des années et elle a toujours considéré son copain comme un ami solide mais pas du tout comme un objet de désir. Tous deux arrivent en fin de la vingtaine, ont eu une vie sentimentale normale de leur côté. Aaron a même été marié mais un soir, après une rupture douloureuse avec son fiancé, Kate va découvrir que Aaron n’est pas q’un geek sympathique.Disons le tout net, il n’y a pas une once de surprise dans cette nouvelle qui apporte juste ce que l’on recherche, c’est à dire les délicieux frissons qui naissent quand les deux amis découvrent que soudain ils éprouvent bien plus l’un pour l’autre. Tout va un peu vite et un peu téléphoné mais cela fonctionne si l’on adhère à ce genre d’intrigue. Cela convient très bien à cette auteure qui adore montrer l’anti-coup de foudre c’est à dire la naissance du désir dans une relation qui n’avait jamais eu cette dimension. Elle est très douée pour faire partir une relation de zéro pour la mener au paroxysme. C’est sexy, amusant, et parfois même émouvant.Voilà une petite nouvelle sans prétention mais délicieuse et qui confirme le talent et les thèmes de cette auteure. Elle a plusieurs romans en prévision qui ont tous l’air fort sympathiques. N’hésitez pas !

  • Mari
    2019-05-17 01:01

    Kate was at the office finishing up some last minute paper work her boss gave her. She left the office and went home to shower and get ready for her date with Hugh. While she was getting ready she finalized some last minute paper work for the meeting on Monday. While she was doing this her best friend Aaron came in. Aaron lived across the hall from her and they had keys to each others place and could just come in. Aaron asked Kate if she had a date with Hugh today and she said yes what's your point? Aaron replied I thought he was picking you up at 7:30? They have been friends for 14 years. Aaron didn't care for Hugh. Kate was a little OCD with have a plan and making list,etc. As a child Kate and her family moved around a lot because of her father. They lost a lot of stuff. Until one day Kate's mother left her dad and they started over. That's when she meet Aaron and they have been friends ever since. They have been their for each other through everything. they always bantered back and forth. Aaron made the comment that Hugh is a ridiculous name. Kate stiffened stating there was nothing wrong with his name. She let him know she was crazy about him(Hugh). Kate had high hopes for her and Hugh. Hugh came and got Kate for dinner was not happy that Aaron was their. Hugh argues with Kate during dinner about Aaron. He broke up with Kate and she was to cold and controlled. There is so much more going on, The only way to find out is to read it. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Kristine
    2019-05-10 20:43

    Original review can be found at now and then I find myself without a lot of time on my hands but I still want to do some reading. This is when I turn to novellas. I don't have to make a huge time commitment but I can still get my reading fix. Finding myself really busy this week I decided to try the first novella in the One Night Novellas series. My thinking was that there are a bunch more that I can pick up if I liked it.Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I don't like to say too much about novellas or short stories because there is only so much book and I don't want to give things away. With that in mind, I will be keeping my thoughts brief.This is your typical friends to lovers story. Although it has been done a million times it was still enjoyable and entertaining. Sometimes there is something to be said for these shorter stories in that the attraction and denying of said attraction doesn't go on for hundreds of pages. I adored Aaron from the beginning. Kate got on my nerves a little but in the end I still liked her. Honestly she never noticed Aaron as a "man" before is beyond me!This novella did exactly what I was wanting it to. It satisfied my reading fix without taking up too much time and left me entertained at the same time. I will be keeping the rest of these novellas in mind when I find myself short on time.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-09 22:09

    This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandOne Night with her Best Friend was a fun, cute novella. The story moves fairly quickly, but you get to know the characters and it was just a cute read.Kate and Aaron have been friends forever. Kate moved around a lot when she was younger. Her dad was not the most stable person and now she needs structure and stability and likes having everything planned out in detail. She knows where she wants her life to go and the type of person she wants to go there with. She is dating this guy, has been for a month, and he checks all her boxes so she thinks it is going great. Sure she doesn't seem to be really in love or anything, but he is what she thinks she needs. Safe, stable, no risk.Aaron is more laid back. He is kind of the opposite of Kate, but they have always been there for each other. Aaron obviously likes Kate as more than a friend, but she doesn't realize it. Then one night everything changes and it was hot and just fun. I really liked the two of them together and figuring out how to change from just friends to more was a bit tricky for Kate. It moves quickly, but it makes sense at the same time. I liked them both, think they are perfect for each other, and it was just a great read.

  • Charlie
    2019-05-21 03:47

    "He was Aaron. For fourteen years, she'd loved and trusted him more than anyone except her mother. She'd thought she'd known him in every way. But she'd never known him like this."I WANT MOREEEEEE~ For someone who's a sucker for best-friends-turned-lovers kind of stories, this is painfully short. But I have a funny feeling that this might make me cry if it was longer.The upside of its length was, of course, it has lesser drama. Really light to read and we obviously won't see heart-wrenching drama and a broken friendship. The downside was we'd miss getting to know these two, more. Aside from some back stories about how their friendship started, there wasn't much history included in this. But do not worry. You'll enjoy this. It was cute, sweet and sexy. I enjoyed their interaction with each other that shows how comfortable they really are.If you're looking for something short and light with some sweetness and sexiness, I really think that this is for you.--*This and other reviews can also be found on Charlie, Coffee and a Good Book*

  • Ava
    2019-04-29 03:11

    Enjoyable book about best friends turned into more in matter of a night. Where this book was good and rich laid in the fact that the characters were well described and also emotionally well explained. It would have been unbelievable to turn a relationship that fast but in a flick of second things led to different feeling and curiosity. And where those two were already solid. they knew each others so well without communication and also knew their habit, flaws and linking. The wall between them was Kate and her past. Also, her personality. Only Aaron knew and his acknowledgement for his desire for her were tame since she wasn't ready or even never thought about him that way. Solid friendship was more important than anything so he lived like that until she saw him in another light. They moved on with Aaron's explanation and also his believe in them. so all those things made this book quite different from other books with the same theme.