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Jonah Hex tracks the kidnapper Thurston Moody to New Orleans in pursuit of his bounty, he soon finds himself infiltrating the ranks of the anarchist group August 7, a group dedicated to eliminating the immigrant population of New Orleans. With Dr. Arkham in jail and his companions Hawkeye and Cinnamon no where to be found, things can only get worse for Hex when the Court oJonah Hex tracks the kidnapper Thurston Moody to New Orleans in pursuit of his bounty, he soon finds himself infiltrating the ranks of the anarchist group August 7, a group dedicated to eliminating the immigrant population of New Orleans. With Dr. Arkham in jail and his companions Hawkeye and Cinnamon no where to be found, things can only get worse for Hex when the Court of Owls begin to unfurl their plan to lay siege to Gotham.Collecting: All-Star Western 7-13...

Title : All-Star Western, Volume 2: The War of Lords and Owls
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ISBN : 9781401238513
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 200 Pages
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All-Star Western, Volume 2: The War of Lords and Owls Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-05-23 12:39

    I hated the art for the majority of this volume.HATED IT!I know that some of you love this style, and I totally respect your opinions, but to me, this looked...lazy.I know, I know. It looks that way on purpose.But I still don't like it.It's like the artist just didn't give a shit about drawing any detail on the faces, or something.To me, that's not visually pleasing, but I understand that a lot of you guys really enjoyed it.It's just not my thing. Sorry.The story was ok, but I think you need to be a big Hex fan to really love it. I'm still a newbie, so this didn't do much for me.I'd already read the Court of Owls crossover story in one of the other titles, but seeing it in context was sort of nice.My favorite character was Tallulah Black, but her horrible accent killed off most of my interest fairly quickly.In fact, the stupid 'western speak' from Hex, Black, and some of the others, really wore on my last nerve.Ah ain't...Ah figgered ya fer a follower...Forgit 'em!...Ya know whut?...Ah'll have muh revenge!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!I need a break before I attempt any more of these.

  • Jesse A
    2019-05-22 15:51

    I don't necessarily love the need to tie this title into the DC universe as a whole but this was a good volume. 3.5 stars rounded up.

  • Jbainnz
    2019-06-09 15:01

    Another solid instalment of the All Star Western title. This picks up right after volume 1 ends. Hex and Arkham are in pursuit of Thurston Moody who fled Gotham for New Orleans after his child labour ring was exposed. I was hoping that we would see some Wild West antics on Hex's journey to New Orleans. Unfortunately this book begins just as they arrive. One day we might see the old west, I hope. Aside from that little niggle this book is an entertaining read. We are introduced to Tallulah Black, who is pretty much a girl version of Jonah Hex. She brought some more insights to Hex's character which is well needed. Still no narrative from Hex which I was a bit disappointed with, considering he is the main character in the series. I'm still hoping that they eventually do this in the upcoming books. Is it just me or are there a ludicrous amount of secret societies in the old west? August 7, Court of Owls and the Followers of Cain are all gunning to run things, seems a bit much right? I think this series would be more solid if they spent less time changing between antagonists and more time building the story's. It sometimes gets hard to keep up with what's going on because it's always something new. This could be a goo thing for some readers though. Overall it's another solid read and I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-05-31 10:49

    This volume of All Star Western continues with the high octane western action. Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham have tracked their missing fugitive to New Orleans, where they encounter vice to rival that of Gotham, and a conspiracy to murder immigrants ran by a group of white supremacists. Jonah goes undercover in the fight ring and captures the interest of a beautiful fighter who also works for the xenophobic group. They team up with a pair of vigilantes and lovers called Nighthawk and Cinnamon, whose back story is also very interesting. When the trail leads back to Gotham, following a mysterious assassin called Talon, Hex and Arkham encounter the creepy Court of Owls, and are placed in the rocky situation of standing between the Court of Owls and the cult of the Crime Bible (Lords of Crime). To round out the collection, there is short vignette about the rascal Bat Lash. He's about as rascally as you can be, but he's also possesses considerable detective skills, and uses them to get himself out of a very tight fix.This book is full of action and thrills, catered for the fans of westerns. The Owls are just as creepy as they were in the Batman book I read earlier this month. The Lords are fascinating in their dedication to wrongdoing. I am kind of glad we had some heroes to take both groups on. Need I say that I'm really enjoying this series, or is that obvious?

  • Alan
    2019-05-28 07:57

    Maybe i'm giving this a rating that is a little high, but I find myself being entertained by the buddy "cop" tale of Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham. In sticking with the series I had doubts that putting Hex in late 19th century Gotham City would work, and about going for the longer story lines.It is working, even the slightly forced inclusion of the then Owls story line and crossover in the Batman Family of titles. Hex and Arkham make their way down to New Orleans in pursuit of the previous TPB's villain. Gray and Palmiotti make use of the larger DC western character pile and pull in Nighthawk and Cinnamon to work with Hex and Arkham in defeating a group of New Orleans businessmen and others who seek to kill off immigrants coming into the city.Upon their return to Gotham, Hex's sometimes partner and f buddy (really not his paramour) Tallulah Black arrives seeking vengeance against the businessman she blames for her family's death. The Crime Bible Cult is involved again, as is Bruce's ancestor, a Mayor Cobblepot and Officer Bard (nice Easter Eggs there). I think this was the best portrayal of Tallulah yet as a woman who can hold her own against Hex and any other man. Hell, most men wouldn't be able to stand up against her.I have volume 3 in the TBR pile, and I'm hoping I enjoy it as much as the first two volumes.Recommended for fans of American Westerns, DC Comics (nods to old and new DC continuity) and a touch of noir/gothic story telling.

  • Joseph
    2019-05-23 16:00

    westerns may not be the best loved genre in comics today, but Palmiotti and Gray, as always, bring a modernist feel to the Old West (although this take place in Gotham City -- is it in the Midwest in the New 52?). Great art by Moritat moves this volume along each and every time. It's fantastic. Get it.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-05-21 12:44

    At some point, it stops being a "western" comic if every issue takes place in Gotham City. It was fun having Tallulah Black back in the book though.

  • Paweł
    2019-05-19 09:55

    Tym razem starcie z underdwellers (lepiej motyw pasuje do XIX wieku niż czasów współczesnych), wyznawcami Biblii Przestępstwa oraz samym Trybunałem Sów. Westernowi mściciele wypadli kiczowato.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-05-24 07:57

    This second volume of All-Star Western isn't really very well named - it's hardly a war between the Court of Owls and the Crime Bible followers as a mild altercation that Jonah and his friends find themselves in. It's still an enjoyable story, though I prefer the first half of the volume which sees Hex team up with Nighthawk and Cinammon to try to defeat a band of immigrant hating villains known as the August 7. I still find it hard to empathise with Hex as a hero, considering he's a surly old sod, but the addition of multiple sidekicks like Doctor Arkham and Tallulah Black means that there's always someone to enjoy if Hex is in a foul mood (like all the time).The back-up stories remain enjoyable also, with a three part tale about Nighthawk and Cinammon which gives us their backstory, followed by a silly done-in-one about Bat Lash which is quite amusing, and a two-part story about Doctor Thirteen which has repercussions on the Phantom Stranger series later on down the line.Overall this is another solid volume, though it has a few little flaws which knock it down from being perfect.

  • Charles
    2019-05-31 07:57

    Some of this book deserves 2 stars and some deserves 4 stars, so it averages to 3. I enjoy this title more than I thought I would. The art is both pleasing and offputting, which is not a useful statement I know: someone else said it is too stylized, and I suppose that's as close as I can get to how I feel. Plots are sometimes too easy, and the "War" is negligible. Shorts in the back provide a nice change of pace - they might have been better interspersed in the volume. I also get the feeling they are using Clint Eastwood stills for Hex, then just poking him in the eye and rubbing bubble gum on the side of his face. Still, loads better than the movie.

  • Chompa
    2019-05-20 16:02

    Second volume was also quite good. Back up stories are hit or miss.

  • Doctor Doom
    2019-05-19 08:42

    Frankly the Jonah Hex story was too long and convoluted for my taste [and for Jonah's apparently]. The Nighthawk origin floated like a lead balloon. These writers think so highly of their mistaken views on theology they put their words in the characters with the most going for them- giving weight to viewpoints that are not worth the paper they are printed on... just give a good story- adding faulty theology just shows a lack of preparation or morality.

  • Jaime Guzman
    2019-06-04 13:57

    I love the character of Jonah Hex but these stories that tie into the Batman mythos is a downer for me. I actually enjoyed the three back up stories better than the main story which are Nighthawk & Cinnamon, Bat Lash and Dr. 13. The Bat Lash story was my favorite mostly due to the art which was expertly drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

  • Đenis
    2019-05-27 09:54

    Westerny moc nemusím a tak som do tohoto išiel bez očakávaní. Meno Jonah Hex mi je povedomé, aj keď neviem odkiaľ. Celkovo má to prekvapilo sledovať Batmanov svet z doby divokého západu. Gotham, doktor Arkham, soví tribunál, maskovaní mstitelia, dokonca pán Wayne, Coblepot a niektorí Strážnici od polície.

  • Mark
    2019-05-29 14:51

    The once-interesting premise become convoluted and buried in "grit"... like a FX tv show gone wrong. Sigh.

  • John Shaw
    2019-06-14 11:58

    One of the odder characters from the old DC UniverseJonah Hexis a veteran of the Civil Warfighting for the Confederacy.He becomes markednot just with the scar that ishalf his facebut by supernatural forces.Hex finds that a particular sortof magical mayhem is always drawn to him.This series is no different.In Gotham City of the 1880sHex becomes embroiled in all kinds of lunacy that he wants no part of.While really quite grim and darkthis book is also exciting and uniquely fresh.An odd notion concerning a western comic,a genre I though played out 50 years ago.Mystical Western Noiris the only way to describe this wholly original series.

  • Paul Riches
    2019-05-20 14:42

    All Star Western Equals All Star ReadingIt’s a book I never thought would catch my attention, much less become one of my favourites.It’s a western. It’s a gritty western. It’s a gritty western living in the DC Universe.And all those factors help make All Star Western a great comic, an anthology showcasing the amazing talents of creators Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and a corner of the DCU that is edgier then most.All Star Western, this current version, was born out of DC Comics The New 52 last year, straight from the ashes of their previous series Jonah Hex. That comic never thrilled me, the few issues I read, and was plagued by low sales. This redo again features Jonah Hex, and a plethora of back-ups, some of which crosses over into Jonah’s life.But first the main attraction, Mr. Jonah Hex himself. The Zero Issue, released in September 2012, tells all the major beats, both emotionally and physically, of Hex’s life so far. And living a hard fought existence makes Jonah a crude, rude and brutal old west bounty hunter. All Star picks up the narrative in the 1880’s with Hex striding into Gotham, future home of a certain Batman, and immediately becoming involved in cases with Dr Amadeus Arkham. At this point, the chaos and gunplay begins.The main focus of this series is Jonah. While he fights savagely, and without the slightest bit of mercy, he lives by a very specific code of honour. Arkham spends a considerable amount of thought and energy trying to psychoanalyze all aspects of Hex and his worldview. And that is half the fun of this series.The back-up stories have starred all sorts of new, old, and some reimagined, characters that populate the pre 20th century DCU. While not all work for my taste, suck as Bat Lash and El Diablo, most have been good and gritty. Nighthawk and Cinnamon, Dr Terrence Thirteen, and Tomahawk are older classics rebuilt for this day and age. The newest addition to this esteemed pantheon is The Barbery Ghost, a heroine with a truly different origin and modus operandi. Her impact is so noticeable, that she made a surprise guest appearance in issue thirteen with a small team-up with Hex. Cue my giddy squeal of happiness during this nasty skirmish of unparalleled violence.Guns. Gore. Gotham. The cover tagline from issue three of All Star Western says it all with this comic. Jonah Hex delivers all that and more every month. And now I like the old west.

  • Marc Leroux
    2019-06-07 16:04

    Jonah Hex is a western character. Having the stories set in cities, specifically Gotham, diminish this, in my opinion.This is the second volume of Jonah Hex in the new 52 series, and the intent is to set up the background for today's Gotham by introducing ancestors of Bruce Wayne and the Penguin among others. Jonah Hex is a good vehicle to do this, from a timeline perspective, but I think that this is a bit misplaced. I didn't mind the first volume, but this is now dragging on.I did like bringing Tallulah Black into the story, and this gave a bit more insight into how she became what she is.The backup stories were hit and miss, mostly miss. I've never been a big fan of Nighthawk and Cinnamon, and they seem more like superheroes than characters in a western. Bat Lash is an old favorite, but I thought that this story was week. The other stories re-introduced some characters, but the stories were somewhat weak as well.If you are a big Jonah Hex fan, then give it a read. If you are on the fence, I wouldn't bother. If you've never read Jonah Hex before, then pick up some of the earlier works instead.

  • Cale
    2019-06-17 08:00

    This series must be under-rated; I never hear anything about it, but it's always consistently entertaining. Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham as a buddy cop team in the old west. It sounds awful, but Gray and Palmiotti have the best handle of Jonah Hex of any writers, and they're in top form here. They even manage to work the crossover event 'Court of Owls' not only work but feel vital, and on top of that they stage the court against the Brotherhood of Crime, pitting two secret societies, with Hex and Arkham in the middle. And on top of that, they bring back Tallulah Black, and she is quite the addition. Her interactions with both Arkham and Hex are great, and she stands on her own pretty well too. Additionally, the book collects several one offs of other DC western characters (Bat Lash, Nighthawk and Cinnamon, who also appear in the first section of the collection, and oddly enough, a forerunner to Dr. 13, which was odd but effective). All told, a very good collection with lots of action and humor and plot. Very definitely worth a read.

  • Jacob
    2019-06-17 16:04

    I liked the Jonah Hex stories better than the backup tales featuring other characters. The artists on the book are the former team from Richard Starkings' ELEPHANTMEN. I really like the sequential art, the story reminds of a mash up between Jordi Benet meets Amanda Conner.I'll take what I can get, but I am a tiny bit disappointed the backdrop is no longer a straight-up western setting in the traditional sense. Instead the stories take place in a non-British speaking Sherlock Holmes type setting. The plot of the villains seemed like an opportunity to flesh out history of things created by Scott Snyder or it was forced upon by editorial. From a continuity stand point, I'm puzzled by the relationship between Hex and Tallulah Black because it seemed like the last time those characters came into contact it ended badly, but maybe readers are supposed to imagine Flashpoint affected Hex's book and Tallulah Black is now the "New 52" Tallulah Black with a neck collar and, er, costume improvements.

  • Yves
    2019-06-13 15:06

    Jonah Hex fait encore une fois équipe avec Amadeus Arkham pour retrouver le kidnappeur qu'ils recherchaient dans le premier tome. Ils se retrouveront pris entre deux gang qui se font la guerre : Court of Owls et followers of the Crime Bibles.Il y a une histoire qui raconte les origines de Nighthawk et Cinnamon, une troisième avec Bat lash et la dernière avec Dr. Terrence 13.L'histoire avec Johah Hex occupe 75% de la BD et elle est la meilleure. Ce roman graphique ne convient pas à de jeunes enfant à cause de son niveau de violence très élevé. C'est une des raisons principales qui explique pourquoi je l'ai aimé. Cette série me donne le goût d'aller voir ce qui s'est fait sur Jonah Hex auparavant.

  • Geoff Derks
    2019-05-27 14:39

    Good story arcs. I like the main characters of Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham, and adding Tallulah Black in the mix. Incorporating the Court of Owls and followers of the Crime Bible who show up much later in the DCU is smart, but I could tell it was added primarily due to editorial mandate of the Court crossover event. The backups collected in this volume did not add much for me. Settings include New Orleans and Gotham. Now do either of those count as the West, or does "All Star Western" imply the type of storytelling? You decide.

  • Frank
    2019-06-04 14:54

    You would never think a western comic would be a must read in the New 52, but this is! It is amazing. Simply this is an awesome series, that is really well written and has extremely strong art. Also you have to love how the DC universe still feels like the DC universe, even back in the 1800's. The writing and story is great & from now on I always read anything by these two writers. This seals it.

  • Richard Rosenthal
    2019-06-17 13:43

    On the plus side this volume pretty much sticks with one character / story line. It is a continuation of the Jonah Hex story from the first volume. Hex travels from Goth to New Orleans and back again not so much doing good as fighting and killing people who try to stop him from claiming his bounty. Of course there is always time to sleep with a bad woman or two along the way.I cant say I like Jonah Hex but I do like the historical Gotham.

  • Jesse VanDeWalker
    2019-06-12 07:39

    I liked these stories more than the ones in the previous trade, but many of the same problems linger here. I enjoyed the back-up stories more than the main event, with the possible exception of Hex versus the racist bungholes, which is always a good time.The inclusion of the Court of Owls has editorial mandate written all over it and is over mercifully quickly.

  • sixthreezy
    2019-05-20 12:37

    Surprisingly really like the All Star Western series. I particularly liked the issue where they explained the backgrounds of Nighthawk and Cinnamon during a scuffle. The art style in this series is also very unique to the story, as it has a gritty western feel to it.

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-06-15 14:57

    More rip-roaring adventure with Jonah Hex plus backup stories. Still weird to see Hex spending so much time in Gotham as opposed to the western states. The characters are fun, though, and the action never falters. I'll have to keep my eye out for Vol. 3 of this series ...

  • Daniel Butcher
    2019-05-19 07:50

    I feel like I probably am putting two much pressure on this title. I really want to love it, but I am just finding it okay....and I really want the concept to be some awesome.Maybe it's just too stylized for my tastes?

  • PJ Ebbrell
    2019-05-31 07:53

    Excellent series bringing back some of the old Western characters. Chuck in a bit of retcon on the building of Gotham City, which is fun to see the past of the families who will play in a part in the future. Great to see Talluah Black back. A definite read if you can get your hands on it.

  • Roman Colombo
    2019-06-17 09:51

    Vol 2 proves to be as fun as the first, but with the same exact problem at the end--the side stories kill the momentum a bit. Not sure how they could have integrated them more efficiently. But the art and writing remain strong.On to Vol 3!