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In this third entry in the Pokemon Adventures series, Red, Blue, and Green must rescue Professor Oak from Team Rocket in a deserted Saffron City. Then Red tracks down Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, in order to do battle. Next, Blaine, a scientist who defected from Team Rocket, creates a monster: Mewtwo, the most powerful psychic Pokemon ever. And now Red must defeatIn this third entry in the Pokemon Adventures series, Red, Blue, and Green must rescue Professor Oak from Team Rocket in a deserted Saffron City. Then Red tracks down Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, in order to do battle. Next, Blaine, a scientist who defected from Team Rocket, creates a monster: Mewtwo, the most powerful psychic Pokemon ever. And now Red must defeat it alone. Don't count on the happy ending of Pokemon: The First Movie. This time Team Rocket means business.These stories follow the adventures of trainers Red and Blue and new characters as they explore forests, jungles, cities, and caves in search of Pokemon -- and try to outwit Team Rocket, a mysterious group of villains who want to use Pokemon for evil....

Title : Saffron City Siege
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Saffron City Siege Reviews

  • Julia
    2019-06-01 18:15

    I'm slightly pissed that VizKids censored the infamous scene in "Kalling Kadabra", but overall, a nice wrap-up to the Red, Green, and Blue story arc. The final scenes especially, they were epic!

  • Victoria Budkey
    2019-05-26 17:24

    3.5 stars. Felt it was a little too fast compared to the first two.I do love comparing the three separate Pokemon canons. (Anime, games, and manga.) The manga canon is a bit more dark, the characters a bit more morally gray. It's got a good bit of realism to it.

  • Andre
    2019-06-01 10:11

    Talk about a downward spiral in storytelling. The first volume was quite enjoyable but here the world-building is often so nonsensical, so much plot details just made up and tons of things only happen because the plot says so or because Red is the main character. This makes for pretty damn bad stories.Interestingly the German name for Pallet town is based on the term alabaster, thereby making it fit the original Japanese name better (which could mean "pure white") and thereby fits what Blue says about Pallet town being named so because the Pokemon are the last impure there... so the least impure here are some bugs, rats and a poisonous bunny... great logic writer!Now, Green and Team Rocket having special gadgets to detect psychic waves or Pokedexes showing Pokemon health points is one thing, but Blue's Pokedex being able to analyze the thoughts of Golduck is just making this up as they go along.Although it is a smart idea to have a Substitute to attack the Pokemon who erected the barrier around Saffron City, but how does the Substitute even cross the barrier? It is still a physical copy of the Pokemon Same problem later: Using Muc as a living shoulder shield and way to immobilize a foe as well as using Zapdos as an energy source makes sense, but you really have to wonder why the (according to the games) highly toxic Muc doesn't poison the wearer/captive.Also how can Golbat show anything in his mouth and the constant expository monologues by the villains gives everything away to defeat them? While Red beating Major Bob by damaging Bob's isolating suite makes sense, Blue surviving an attack because of an amulet having the same effect as Reflect and the Soul Badge being able to control Pokemon (like the other badges) screams of made up since it was never even mentioned before.If Sabrina could always use her psychic powers to see through and dissipate the smoke, why didn't she use it right away? Why was she presented as confused if not to fool the readers? Wouldn't she and eventually the others (by beating her) look more badass if it was revealed right away?What is it with this manga and the constant mix of competent and weird? They have a Ditto as a concealing facemask and then come with crap like the visionary Golbat and that all people of Pallet town have the ability to communicate with Pokemon. Something never even hinted at before, Blue, Red and Green were presented to communicate with Pokemon the same as everybody else. Team Rocket's plan to create a fused Pokémon of the three legendary birds via a device that needs all eight badges hinged upon Red and Blue collecting them... that is stupid. Tons of trainers must have badges and so this is just a very cheap and incompetent way to make these two somehow important to the story. This is as dumb as the other 4 gym leaders betting on the two 10 year olds to save the day. What is up with this manga in general? Red is smart enough to trick Mewtoo into using its signature attack here and so catch it in a master ball but he is too dumb to catch/use more than his 7 Pokemon and they have dumb stuff like Mr. Pyro having Mew cells that will no longer kill him once Mew is subdued.Also here Mew is a Pokemon human hybrid (which is however not the reason for his look... odd).Apart from fooling the readers (somehow), why was Giovanni's head sculpture suddenly half-damaged as opposed to last volume where it was fine?And speaking of him: If here you cannot use several ground attacks because they would damage buildings, why is there a ground type gym leader with an arena?And if Pallet Town wasn't Mary Sued enough, here all winners in the long history of the Pokemon league have been, according to Blue, from Pallet Town... ok, I have to address something here:Not only is there the purity of Pokemon thing, but also if the communicating with Pokémon thing (as badly presented as it is) is genetic, this means they constitute an actual race and this story is racist by elevating them now and degrading everyone else. This series got really, really dark in places and not in the way it was probably intended.Btw. Unlike in the US version, Green's fake breasts (pokeballs) are still present here when she pulls of the trick.

  • Elena Delos
    2019-06-05 12:27


  • Ovary Scary
    2019-05-21 14:29

    i loved it. i actually thought Blue was going to win because Ash in the t.v. series kind of sucks, a lot. bur i was pleasantly surprised.i still wish that we could learn more about pokemon though. i just wanna read about catching and training all of them. isn't that how they're research is supposed to work?i think i just want to be a pokemon professor too. i also still wish red caught that ninetales. that one is my fave.

  • Sophia
    2019-05-31 18:19

    I really enjoyed this manga even though it took me ages to finish it. You saw Red battle Team Rocket, grow as a trainer and become close friends to his old rival, Blue. You also see something that (unfortunately) you don't see in the cartoon (anime?), Red actually defeats the (spoiler alert!) Pokemon League! I really enjoyed reading the Red, Green and Blue Chapters and can't wait to start reading the Yellow chapters.

  • João Figueiredo
    2019-05-18 12:41

    4.5/5 Good ending for the Team Rocket Arc. I'm curious to see how the Elite 4 will be like in the next arc.

  • Minerva
    2019-05-27 16:18

    **** 4.5 stars ****

  • Matisse
    2019-06-10 11:35

    Have you guys ever heard of 'cerebus syndrome'? This is the Internet and TVTropes is ubiquitous; of course you have. = ) This is the cerebus syndrome volume. It's satisfying to see the plot threads of the last two volumes resolve, and the character development to all three leads is impressive. The funny thing is, if the story didn't provide us with opportunities to reflect on that development (ie. Red and Blue's dramatic showdown, where they anticipate each other's moves), we likely wouldn't have noticed. It's as though the mangaka saw his fork in the road, and chose to make the end of this arc the start of a more seriously-handled storyline. Otherwise, this could have been an episodic gag manga. Instead, this feels like an early Digimon World storyline. I like it! I also like the bits that introduce and set up Yellow, our protagonist for the next four volumes. The chapters allow Red to pass on his knowledge to a newcomer, giving his character a sense of completion, while *also* subtly giving Yellow an introduction to Red's Pikachu, his Pokedex, and what he stands for, which all come into play rather quickly. It's almost Marvel-style characterization. ...Also, the artwork is adorable. We already knew this. = )

  • Atharva Shah
    2019-05-19 13:29

    nga ReviewPokemon Adventures Special Volume 1-3Red, Blue, Green Arc (RGB) Its so good to see the Pokemon that we saw on TV and played with on Gameboy up front on paper (or the kindle screen). The manga is seriously a total hit with brand new characters and their journey in the Kanto region. This Manga arc shows the journey of Red, his rival Blue and a Pokemon theif Green across various towns as they encounter various powerful and unique Pokemon and their battle against gym leaders and the villainous team Rocket Organization. The story is unique, not at all related directly to the Anime or the GBA games. The characters haves their own emotional back story and history and a bind with their Pokemon. I love the way how new characters are introduced and how smoothly the story progresses with a few ups and downs. The Kanto region is set up very nicely with a well planned map, locations and natural artifacts. The most impressive thing about this manga is the drawing and the sketches. Just plain great! The black and white lines seem very real and unlike the GBA games, the Pokémon actually move and play in the battles. The graphics and the special effects are mesmerizing. In these three volumes, there are many villains,rivals, heroes, pokemon and more Pokemons that you stumble upon. Volume 1 is just the introduction to the most basic pokemon, Prof. Oak and Pokemon battles, capture process, gym leaders and the formation of mew. The team rocket is also involved here but much less as compared to the later volumes. Volume 2 digs deep more into reds story and how skillful he has grown. The gym leaders and their alliances are also a major plot twist. The three legendary Pokémon are revealed in this specific volume. Volume 3 shows the infiltration and defeat of the Team Rocket by Red, Blue, Green and the gym leaders. Many memorable battles take place in the volume. Even the Indigo League happens in this volume. Its the conclusion for reds adventure.You can very quickly finish reading these manga volumes as they are graphic, gripping and have a nice retro touch. This is surely a feast for Pokemon fans. A very enjoyable, memorable and desirable read. Recommended for everyone. Round 1: A Glimpse of the GlowRound 2: Bulbasaur, Come Home!Round 3: The Secret of KangaskhanRound 4: Wanted: Pikachu!Round 5: Onix Is On!Round 6: Gyarados Splashes In!Round 7: Raging RhydonRound 8: Suddenly StarmieRound 9: ...But Fearow Itself!Round 10: Danger: High VoltorbRound 11: Buzz Off, Electabuzz!Round 12: Wake Up—You're Snorlax!Round 13: Sigh for PsyduckRound 14: That Awful Arbok!Important events201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201Red meets Blue.Professor Oak gives Red and Blue each a Pokédex.Bill helps Red with his Pokémon Storage System.Party changesAdditionsThe following Pokémon are obtained:Red's Nidorino in PS001.Red's Bulbasaur "Saur" in PS002.Red's Pikachu "Pika" in PS004.Red's Fearow in PS009.Red's Snorlax "Snor" in PS012.EvolutionsThe following Pokémon evolve:Blue's Charmander evolves into Charmeleon sometime between PS003 and PS005.Red's Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath in PS011.Gym battlesRed defeats the following Gym Leaders:Brock in PS005Koga in PS007 (unknowingly, no Badge gained)Misty in PS008Lt. Surge in PS011 (does not get a Badge)Character summaryThis is Red's Pokédex information and party at the end of this volume.Red's PokédexGym Badges: 2Pokémon seen: 56Pokémon owned: 26------------------------------------------------------Round 15 - Wartortle WarsRound 16 - Tauros the TyrantRound 17 - The Jynx JinxRound 18 - A Tale of NinetalesRound 19 - Blame It on EeveeRound 20 - Meanwhile...Vileplume!Round 21 - Long Live the Nidoking!Round 22 - A Hollow VictreebelRound 23 - Make Way For Magmar!Round 24 - What a DragoniteRound 25 - You Know...Articuno!Round 26 - Holy MoltresRound 27 - Kalling KadabraImportant events201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201Red meets Green.Red and Blue accidentally swap their Pokémon.Red meets Giovanni.Team Rocket obtains all three legendary birds.Party changesAdditionsThe following Pokémon are obtained:Blue's Porygon in PS018.Red's Diglett ("Dig") in PS018.Red's Krabby ("Kra") in PS018.Blue's Ninetales in PS018.Red's Eevee ("Vee") in PS019.Red obtains several Pokémon from the Safari Zone in PS022.Red's Sandshrew ("Sand") sometime between PS022 and PS023.Red's Gyarados ("Gyara") in PS025.Red's Aerodactyl ("Aero") in PS026.EvolutionsThe following Pokémon evolve:Red's Bulbasaur ("Saur") evolves into Ivysaur in PS015.Blue's Machoke evolves into Machamp in PS018.Blue's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard sometime between PS018 and PS027.Gym battlesRed obtains the Badges from the following Gym Leaders:Erika in PS020Blaine in PS026Character summaryThis is Red's Pokédex information and party at the end of this volume.Red's PokédexGym Badges: 4Pokémon seen: 104Pokémon owned: 46---------------------Round 28 - Peace of MimeRound 29 - Go for the GolbatRound 30 - Zap! Zap! Zapdos!Round 31 - The Art of ArticunoRound 32 - A Little Kadabra'll Do ItRound 33 - The Winged LegendsRound 34 - And Mewtwo Too?!Round 35 - And Mewtwo... Three!Round 36 - Drat That Dratini!Round 37 - Golly, Golem!Round 38 - Long Live the Nidoqueen?!Round 39 - Just a Spearow CarrierRound 40 - A Charizard...and a ChampionImportant events201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201Team Rocket disbands.Green is given a Pokédex.Red wins the 9th Pokémon League.Party changesAdditionsThe following Pokémon are obtained:Yellow's Rattata ("Ratty") in PS036.EvolutionsThe following Pokémon evolve:Green's Wartortle "Blasty" evolves into Blastoise prior to PS030.Red's Ivysaur "Saur" evolves into Venusaur in PS033.Gym battlesRed defeats the following Gym Leaders:Lt. Surge in PS030Koga in PS031Sabrina in PS033Giovanni in PS038Character summaryThis is Red's Pokédex information and party at the end of this volume.Red's PokédexGym Badges: 7Pokémon seen: 132Pokémon owned: 71

  • Nic
    2019-05-26 16:11

    Well, good to know Brock's Onix didn't die in the first volume as it appeared to. I guess some Pokémon can break their bodies apart in battle and still be okay afterward . . .These first three volumes are a complete plot arc. It looks like the next volume starts two years later.

  • Moira
    2019-05-30 11:14

    3.1.2018 - 4,5*(view spoiler)[Pamatujete si, jak Ash v anime vždy vyhrál kvůli pitomému štěstí? Red nope. Sice také byly využity fráze o přátelství a jak to dělá pokémona silnějšího, ale ve výsledku použil hlavu a strategii, aby Greena porazil, a byl opravdu lepší. :) (hide spoiler)]

  • Maximilian Lee
    2019-05-29 15:34

    I liked this book because I like POKEMON!!!!!!!!! I also liked this book because I like Porygon.

  • Messier Escárcega
    2019-05-19 11:34

    La idea de que algunos líderes de gimnasio fueran malvados me gustó demasiado espero y en la próxima saga de Pokémon Red se enfrente al alto mando.

  • Griffin Kalldian
    2019-05-28 18:28

    In Pokemon Adventures Vol.3 Red and Blue get to the Pokemon Leauge and Red wins!!!!!! And everyone goes wild.

  • Ruben
    2019-06-14 11:41

    Muy buen tomo y devertido, con un final para cerrar la historia de Red en Kanto.

  • Alex
    2019-05-21 10:34

    I enjoyed this book because I like Pokemon. I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Blue saved professor Oak.

  • Angeles Solis
    2019-06-08 13:37

    De los 3 este es el que mas me gusto, la trama en donde Red y Blue se ve que aprendieron el uno del otro es increíble.

  • Griffin Kalldian
    2019-06-17 13:34

    In Pokemon Adventures Volume.3 Red wins the Pokemon League and is the Champion.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-25 13:14

    Interesting. When I read this, I only knew of the Anime so I was not used to this format.

  • Nazish Ahmed (Nazish Reads)
    2019-06-01 11:28

    This one is the best out of the three.My book blog: nazishreads.netMy twitter account: @NazishTVDSwiftMy Instagram accounts: @nazishreads, @nrcharmed01, and @nrh20justaddwaterAnd I also have a facebook fan page for my blog.Sorry I didn't post the review here a few months ago, I just forgot. I thought I already posted it here, but apparently I didn't.To view the full post and other reviews, click here Pokemon Volume 3 by Hidenori Kusaka and MatoGore: Kind ofMagic: Not sure if the Pokemon powers count as magic or not.Romance: NoAction: YesPacing: 4 starsPlot: 4 starsDrawings/Art: 4 starsThis manga series follows the game more than the anime, although Red is based off of Red from the games and Ash from the anime.Warning, Spoilers(All my manga reviews contain some spoilers, it can't really be avoided, but it's not too bad, that you would not enjoy reading the book if you read my reviews. There are some things that happen, that I don't mention.I've just finished volume 7 yesterday, so I know what's going to happen next, but for the sake of this review, I'll pretend that I don't know.Red's rival, his name is Green in the japanese version, but Blue makes more sense, since considering the Pokemon that those two plus the girl, Green, are each named after the Pokemon that they're main Pokemon is weak against, he's also based off of Gary from the anime.This volume starts off with Red and Blue both wanting to save Pallet Town alone, but because of Green, they end up working together. It's because of the battles against the three Team Rocket gym leaders that Red and Blue become friends.Half of this volume is about Red, Blue, and Green's battle against the three Team Rocket leaders. Then, Red and Blaine battle Mewtwo, which, obviously, isn't easy. I won't describe what exactly happens in these chapters, it'll be better and more fun to read them yourself.On his way home through Viridian Forest, Red saves a little girl and he teaches her how to catch Pokemon. He realizes that something weird is going on and that the Viridian Gym has always been empty, so he goes to investigate. Surprisingly, the gym leader was actually there and waiting for him. They have a battle, but it's different than any of Red's previous battles.Finally, Red, Blue, and Green enter the Indigo League, plus there's also a mysterious 4th person in the semi finals. And a mysterious group of people are watching the battles very carefully, hmmm... I wonder who they could be?I just realized why all of the nurses look the same in the anime, it's because they also look the same in the games. But the people who made the anime should have still tried to give some of them different looks.Red, Blue, and even Green seem more realistic now. Especially Red and Blue, they changed a lot.As I've said in my volume 1 review, if you've only seen the anime, don't be fooled thinking that it's all happy-go-lucky, because, there are some dark elements in here.Overall, I like this manga better than the anime so far, it's funny, but also serious sometimes, has great characters, an interesting plot, and the characters are 3D, etc.I recommend that if you're a Pokemon fan (especially if you have grown up with it since the first few seasons, like me), then read this manga series, you will likely love it.

  • James Dunphy
    2019-06-15 11:27

    The third volume of the Pokemon Adventures manga is the epic conclusion of Red's adventures collecting Pokemon and battling Team Rocket across the Kanto region. Red and Blue's epic battle against the Pokemon stealing organization concludes at the Silph Co Research Facility in Saffron City. Red, Blue, and Green team up to take on the evil trio of gym leaders (Koga, Lt. Surge, & Sabrina) that represent the highest ranks of Team Rocket. To make things even worse, they each have one of the stolen legendary birds on their team(s) from the last volume. Afterwords he defeats Mewtew in his cave off the coast of Celedon City, and challenges Team Rocket leader Giovanni for his final badge to enter the Pokemon League. The final chapters detail the Pokemon League tournament which comes down to Red vs Blue an an epic finale while giving us a hint to what's ahead with some foreshadowing the the Elite Four. Good stuff! I loved this volume of the series. It wrapped up the original games in a perfect way – much better than the primitive Gameboy story telling ever could. Almost every battle in this volume is one for memory. Koga and Lt. Surge have these armor's consisting of Pokemon that are completely unique to the series and look crazy cool in the few panels they're in. Red vs Giovanni is an epic fare of earth cracking ground type Pokemon that is only to be outdone by the tremendous hot-switching Pokemon League finale between series rivals Red and Blue. Although I know the series continues way after this volume, volumes 1 – 3 of this series encapsulate the gen I Pokemon Red/Blue/Green in such a way that I will be rereading them for many years to come. I am looking forward to seeing how the series treats the weird middle ground Yellow version in the forthcoming volumes though. This series has me hooked thoroughly hooked.A fantastic epic conclusion mixed with art that always brings the vivid video game Pokemon world to life. 5 stars from this mega nerd. Manga in it's most fun form.

  • Shan Mirpuri
    2019-06-08 10:30

    Pokemon Adventures Vol.3 is a continuation of Vol 1 and 2! This Volume is very special to me because it showed me a few important lessons. Personally it showed me achievement out of all things. I remember when I was a young boy, I played this game endlessly. When I beat the Pokemon League, I felt like I achieved something and that made me very proud. As this series continues I can now relive those special moments in my life once more.In Vol. 3 Red finally beats the Pokemon League. This league contains some of the best players in the world. So it's not like any random Joe can walk in and try to compete. When red finally reaches the finals he has to face his rival and friend, blue! To see what truly happens I definitely recommend you read this book!While I was reading, a essential question arose, how do individuals develop values and beliefs? Here, red and blue learn from each other.They learn and grow as a team even if they are rivals at the same time. They learn from experience and challenges they go through on a daily basis. It the same as me or any other human being. We all learn from our surroundings, including the people around us!This book like a mentioned before was amazing. It reminded me of my childhood. This book is a solid 4 stars. I would recommend this book to all types of people. This book may be a Manga but it still has some meaning to it.

  • Oberhuu
    2019-05-24 13:15

    Die drei Bände umfassen sozusagen die weltweit bekannte rote und blaue, bzw. grüne, Pokémonedition, die in den 90ern für den Game Boy erschienen und super erfolgreich waren. Es ist ganz witzig, wie tatsächlich die Pokédexeinträge und Bilder sowie Karten aus dem Spiel im Manga benutzt werden. Doch ansonsten unterscheidet sich die Story vom Spiel, aber vor allen Dingen vom Animé. Hätte man diesen wie den Manga konzipiert, wäre dieser sicher tot zensiert worden, schon allein, weil das böse Wort 'Tod' so oft darin vorkommt und Pokémon tatsächlich sterben können. Ich habe die drei Bände unglaublich genossen, genauso wie das erst kürzlich gelaufene 'Pokémon Orgins'. Für jedes erschienene Game Boy Spiel sind auch Mangas erschienen. Vielleicht komme ich mal in den Genuss sie zu lesen? Ich kann sie nur empfehlen. Und dafür muss man kein Fan des Animés sein. Ich glaube, durch diese Mangas kann man wieder zu einem Fan werden, wie damals, als ich noch klein war und fleißig trainiert und per Linkkabel getauscht habe.

  • Hector
    2019-06-17 12:37

    I really enjoyed this book. It really reminded me of when I finally beat the Pokemon League and how tough it really was with the Elite Four. I remember that I had to train my Pokemon for a long time in order to finally beat the Pokemon League. The conclusion to the book was eventful and its final confrontations with Red and Team Rocket were action filled.This book like the ones before it, really talks about friendship between Pokemon and humans, however I think the book really shows the friendship between people and how they learn from their mistakes, even from each other. This really shows during the battle between Red and Blue, for example when Red switches out his Pokemon because it is low in health, which he learned from Blue in the beginning of their journeys.I would recommend this to any Pokemon or manga lovers and even for people who have never read manga or played the Pokemon games. I feel that you do not need to completely know a topic to truly enjoy it and this book shows it.

  • Tim
    2019-05-24 14:39

    In the third installment of the Pokémon Adventures saga, we see the plans of Team Rocket come to the surface. With the final battle in the past, Red goes on to collect the final badge. One aspect the anime has in common with the manga series is that there is a tournament for people who want to face the elite. It seems to me that it is a much smaller tournament in the manga than what the anime had. The final four of this tournament is Green, the girl who stole Squrtle, the mysterious "Dr. O", Red, and Blue.This series has yet to disappoint me. There are four more volumes to the series before I reach the Gold/Silver arc, which us the one I am really looking forward to. While I do not know yet what all to expect out of the next three, I can not wait to get to them and continue the journey though the incredible world of Pokémon

  • Lauren
    2019-06-01 14:31

    A couple of things. First, this manga series is king of New Rules As The Plot Demands. I can't count the number of totally bizarre applications of pokemon attacks that were used, but I'll at least give points for creativity. And this volume pleasantly surprised me by including some genuine and believable character development that was highlighted at the end of the story. That doesn't change the massive issues this series has - plot holes the size of a Snorlax, stereotypical characters - but for a manga that doesn't really pretend to be much more than a fun, romping adventure in the world of Pokemon, I'd say that it delivered on its goal quite nicely.

  • Juan Contreras
    2019-05-28 12:25

    I think that this book was decent. It was okay, i expected a lot more but it was okay. It was cool when the professor competed in the Pokemon League with weak Pokemon but made it to the finals but dropped out of the competition because he was too old to do it. It was good that Red won the competition against his rival Blue and Blue was chill about it.

  • Aaron Pittser
    2019-05-30 17:20

    Rivals Red and Blue are continuing their Pokémon journeys, but on their way to the Indigo Plateau, the home of the Indigo League Championships, they face the evil organization Team Rocket one last time in a final show down. But to defeat them, they'll have to set aside their differences and fight together. This third addition to the Pokémon Adventures series really drives home the feeling of friendship and loyalty between even the most unlikely of allies. This manga recapture the action and suspense of the first two mangas, and it shows it in a way that keeps you locked in on the story, page, after page, after page. Again, people who like action/adventure books will like this great manga.

  • Shaun
    2019-06-01 14:18

    A good conclusion to the Red, Blue, and Green story arch. I like that all three were able to work together to fight the heads of Team Rocket. Red's final battles with Giovanni and Blue were epic and really showed his maturity as a trainer. I love that both he and Blue learned from each other put what they learned into their battle strategies. I like the final touch of the Pokemon Championship being a tournament instead of fighting four elite trainers. Overall this was a great return to my childhood and love for Pokemon.