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Thomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic so affected that he rarely leaves the self-imposed bastion of his bedroom. But with a computer program called, he travels the world while never stepping out the door. That is until he sees something in a street view of downtown New York City. Thomas's keen eyes have detected an image in a image that lThomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic so affected that he rarely leaves the self-imposed bastion of his bedroom. But with a computer program called, he travels the world while never stepping out the door. That is until he sees something in a street view of downtown New York City. Thomas's keen eyes have detected an image in a image that looks like a woman being murdered.Thomas's brother, Ray, takes care of him, cooking for him, dealing with the outside world on his behalf, and listening to his intricate and increasingly paranoid theories. When Thomas tells Ray what he has seen, Ray humors him with a half-hearted investigation. But Ray soon realizes he and his brother have stumbled onto a deadly conspiracy.And now they are in the crosshairs......

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Trust Your Eyes Reviews

  • Arah-Lynda
    2019-07-02 05:24

    Stephen King says it best. My idea of a sweet ride is three days of rain, a fridge filled with snacks, and a new Linwood Barclay. Right on. I picked this one up at the beginning of my last weekend. I just happened to be in my sweet spot………ready to select my next read.King also said that it’s a tale Hitchcock would have loved and once again, he is spot on.I have come to think of Barclay’s books as domestic thrillers. These things could happen to you or me. Today or tomorrow. This one is top notch!It is the story of two brothers; one, Thomas, is a map- obsessed schizophrenic with a computer and a program that leads him through the streets of this world. His brother, Ray, has just returned home to deal with their father’s recent, accidental death and hopefully to bond and work with Thomas so as to forge a plan for Thomas’s future care. But while Thomas is sitting at his computer, clicking and trolling streets in New York City, he sees an image in a window. An image that looks like a woman being murdered. And so it begins…………Riveting, Thrilling, Suspenseful, Gripping, Accessible…….. Yes, Yes, Yes and yes. Still for me the first word that comes to mind is ENTERTAINING! HUGELY SOI’m getting me another Linwood Barclay.

  • Delee
    2019-07-12 13:46

    3.5Anyone who has seen my book recommendation request list would know I am a big fan of novels that have the main character witnessing a crime/murder through a window. One of my favorite books from my early teens was "The Undertaker's Gone Bananas" by Paul Zindel, and as I got older, Cornell Woolrich's short story "It had to be Murder" (Rear Window) was added to my favorites list- Rear Window is also in my top ten movies list-Hitchcock one of my favorite directors...So when I saw reviews of TRUST YOUR EYES and spotted comparisons to Rear Window, and Hitchcock's name thrown out there, I knew this was a book I had to read.Ray Kilbride- comes home for his father's funeral, and gets more than he bargained for. He knew it wasn't going to be a quick visit, because Ray's brother, Thomas needs someone to look after him now that their dad is gone. Thomas Kilbride- has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and he is a bit of an Agoraphobe. When he is not sleeping or eating breakfast lunch and dinner, he is in front of his computer memorizing everything he sees. The computer program Whirl360 lets him travel from city to city never having to leave the house. It is on this program that Thomas spots something rather strange-it looks like a person with a plastic bag over their head. When he finally shows his brother the image, Ray doesn't know what to think, but he travels to New York City anyways to check out the address, and opens a can of Whoop-Ass into both their lives.[image error]I enjoyed TRUST YOUR EYES for the most part. I especially loved the relationship between Thomas and Ray (I was reminded of Rain Man quite a few times with their bickering back and forth). There were a couple of teeny weeny little problems I had- One being a few too many side plots going on, and the other was in the very last paragraph. The ending took this from being a solid four star rating-to a 3.5 for me, but I am sure it won't be an issue for most readers.

  • Glenn Sumi
    2019-06-21 11:30

    It’s been a really hectic week, so I wanted to lose myself in an escapist (but well-written) thriller. This book – the first I've read by author Linwood Barclay, former Toronto Star columnist – more than did the trick. I literally couldn’t put Trust Your Eyes down. It’s the kind of book where if I found myself with an extra 10 minutes during the day, I’d crack it open.Thomas Kilbride, who’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia, has always been obsessed with maps. Now an adult, he spends nearly all his waking time in front of his computer studying the streets of the world’s biggest cities via a Google Street View-like program called Whirl360. When he sees what looks like the image of a person being strangled in a window in a building in New York City, he and his brother, Ray, an illustrator, are intrigued.Soon the two unwittingly get enmeshed in a series of crimes that involves a politician, his (view spoiler)[bisexual wife, a blackmailing waitress, a merciless cleanup guy(hide spoiler)] and – probably the scariest character of them all – a former Olympic gymnast who’s now a hired assassin with a thing for ice picks.Ray is a witty, sympathetic first-person narrator, and his strained relationship with Thomas gives the book emotional ballast and genuine humour. Barclay’s depiction of mental illness is sensitive and respectful. And he easily slips into the skin of other characters – including a few unsavoury types – for a few chapters, making some hard-to-believe plot points palatable.The film rights to the book have been sold. This will make a terrific movie. Actors will be hounding their agents to play Thomas. Don’t be surprised if, like me, you find yourself saying “One more chapter” until it’s 3 or 4 in the morning.

  • CuteBadger
    2019-07-14 05:47

    Ray Kilbride finds his life turned upside down when the accidental death of his father means having to move back home to look after his adult brother Thomas, who has schizophrenia. Thomas believes he is doing important work relating the safety of the USA, but while studying a mapping website he thinks he sees a murder in New York. Ray is despatched to investigate – is there anything to be found, or is it all in his brother’s head?This is a really difficult book to review it would be really easy to give something away and spoil the experience for other readers, hence the sketchiness of some of what follows. I’ve read a couple of Linwood Barclay’s books before – his breakthrough No Time For Goodbye and the later Fear The Worst – so I thought I knew what to expect when I started Trust Your Eyes. Many of my expectations were met, among them a twisty plot containing unexpected surprises, realistic characters and enough crumbs dropped along the way for the reader to work out the denouement before it actually happens – though in such a clever way you don’t immediately realise you’ve seen the key to the whole thing. But I would have to say that this book surpassed my expectations as I enjoyed it more and found it more satisfying than either of his previous books that I’ve read.To call something a page-turner is a huge cliché, but I can’t think of a better way to describe Trust Your Eyes. Once I’d started the book I just wanted to keep going in order to find out the truth about many things, not just the main plotline, but other aspects of Ray and Thomas’s lives. I got a real sense of Barclay enjoying his writing and taking time to shape the book very precisely so that everything unwinds at the right speed and at the right time. I found it a satisfying read which didn’t leave untied up ends or leave me wondering about what had happened – everything knitted together wonderfully into a pleasing whole.I also got that wonderful sense of realisation when I picked up on the author’s clues and cottoned on to how one particular plot strand was going to work out – a real light bulb moment, which in itself is very satisfying.I found both Ray and Thomas likeable characters and thought the portrayal of Thomas was quite well done. Barclay shows him as a real person, who happens to have a mental illness, but who has more to him than that. Ray is what the world would call “normal”, but we gradually learn that he too has his own issues and isn’t perfect – in short, he’s a real person. Most of the other characters also come across as real people you might have met, but there are a couple which are more cardboard-cut-out-like, however I didn’t feel this was too big an issue and it certainly didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the novel.If you’re looking for a well-plotted, clever and absorbing thriller then this is the book for you. I’d recommend it to anyone who has read any of Linwood Barclay’s work before and to anyone who has not. Trust Your Eyes will grip you throughout, and when you close the book you’ll feel you’ve had a great experience.

  • Darcia Helle
    2019-07-05 05:27

    The premise for this book fascinated me, and the opening pages sucked me right in. Barclay is, no doubt, a talented author and knows how to weave a good story. Unfortunately, this book didn't quite measure up to its promise. The problems I had:The pace is slow. The entire middle of the book drags, with information repeated and dwelled on so often that I had almost all of the plot figured out long before we got there. Thomas, while an interesting character, struck me more as someone with high-functioning autism than schizophrenia. In fact, he reminded me of Gary on the show Alphas. The schizophrenia diagnosis felt like a convenient label to explain the need for this character occasionally hearing voices and didn't quite fit his personality.The biggest problems I had were the timeline of the story and the POV choices. The journey took us through many transitions back and forth in time. They were unclear and left me trying to figure out where we were in the story. Also, during the first half of the book, certain characters' POV sections were written in third person present tense, while others were written in third person past. Then there was Ray's POV, which was always first person past. The transition didn't flow well and didn't seem to have anything at all to do with the time frame for events. Then, suddenly, all the third person present tense went to past tense. I couldn't understand the need for the present tense POV and found it jolting each time.The big twist at the end didn't have the impact it could have. All the hints and rehashing of facts throughout the book had already led me to the same conclusion. In the end, this book had enough substance to keep me reading, but didn't live up to its potential.

  • Kevin
    2019-06-26 05:37

    Thomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic so affected that he rarely leaves the self-imposed bastion of his bedroom. But with a computer program called, he travels the world while never stepping out the door. That is until he sees something in a street view of downtown New York City. Thomas's keen eyes have detected an image in a image that looks like a woman being murdered.Thomas's brother, Ray, takes care of him, cooking for him, dealing with the outside world on his behalf, and listening to his intricate and increasingly paranoid theories. When Thomas tells Ray what he has seen, Ray humors him with a half-hearted investigation. But Ray soon realizes he and his brother have stumbled onto a deadly conspiracy.And now they are in the crosshairs...Linwood Barclay has fast become one of my favorite authors. An interesting and fun thriller.

  • ✨Susan✨
    2019-07-06 05:47

    An interesting story of a man who is borderline schizophrenic/autistic who spends his days studying maps of the world similar to google earth where you get a birds eye view. One day he thinks he has witnessed a murder. When his brother try's to prove that it was not true the two of them are plunged into a high society conspiracy that may just get them killed. Lots of twists and turns and a good fast pace. I do recommend this to those that like light mysteries.

  • Robin
    2019-07-17 12:36

    While Linwood Barclay is popular in our library, he still deserves to be as best-selling as Harlan Coben (which is why I said Barclay is the Rodney Dangerfield of thriller writers). He sides more on the domestic side of weird goings on such as disappearances, conspiracies, and murders, and his characters are always likeable every day kind of guys. This will make you look at Google Earth in a different and chilling way.This is due in September.

  • Freda Malone
    2019-07-08 13:24

    Another Promise Falls novel so riveting, you just can't put it down. The blurb says it all. Tons of twists and turns, red herrings, strong characters as well as villains with an explosive end that leaves you so stunned you can't think straight. I LOVE this author, I can't say it loud enough. Another favorite this year.

  • Diane S ☔
    2019-07-14 13:43

    There are parts of this story that I liked better than others. Loved the two brothers and the modern day take on Rear Window, this was a very clever device on the part of Barclay. Using a schizophrenic really added to this story and I enjoyed the map meanderings by this brother. I think in part the author added to many elements to this story, too many different plots, which made some of them not very believable to me. Do love this author and his writing style and look forward to his next book.

  • Tony
    2019-07-03 08:44

    TRUST YOUR EYES. (2012). Linwood Barclay. ****. I don’t remember for sure, but I think I read a review of this thriller in Marilyn Stasio’s column in the New York Times Book Review. This is the first encounter I’ve had with this author, and I almost put it back into my library book bag when I realized it was 498-pages long. Another turn-off was the one-word blurb on the front cover from Stephen King: “Riveting.” This could have referred to the length or the weight of the book based on King’s typical output. Anyway...I started to read the first few pages. Then I kept on reading. Two days later, I had finally finished. It’s not a great book, but it is a top class example of what a thriller should be. It delivers all of the suspense and turnarounds that you expect (or don’t) that keep the plot moving forward and the reader guessing as to what might happen next. The story is about two brothers. The older brother, Ray, is a freelance graphic artist who lives in Vermont, the younger brother, Thomas, is mentally challenged in a special way, and lives with his father in a small town in upstate New York. The two come together when their father is killed when his lawn tractor rolls over on him while he is mowing a hill. We learn that Thomas rarely leaves the house and had depended heavily on his dad for normal every day things, like fixing meals, cleaning up, etc. He spent his time in front of his computer working with a program called “Whirl360,” a program that allows the user to travel the streets of most cities of the world – street by street – in a methodical way, much like some of the Google programs that are out there now. Thomas is systematically working his way through the cities of the world and memorizing their layout because he believes that he will be the only resource left when some apocolyptic event occurs that will knock out all paper and computerized maps. He will be the go-to guy who will be able to work with the U.S. forces to give them directions when they need them for the upcoming conflicts. He has undertaken this task as a supposed employee of the CIA. His intermediary with that organization is ex-President Bill Clinton, whom he talks with by phone or, sometimes, through some telepathic medium. While following the street outlines for New York City one day, Thomas sees what looks like a head in a window in one of the buildings. It looks like the head is encased in a plastic bag, and is being suffocated. Is he seeing an actual murder that occured when the Whirl360 truck was passing by? He finally convinces his brother Ray to go to New York to see if he can find out what happened at that apartment when the photo truck went by. That’s when all Hell breaks loose, and the bodies begin to fall like the proverbial dominoes. From that point on, you forget that there are 498 pages ahead of you, and just keep turning them. I’ll have to look for more of Mr. Linwood’s books, but I’ll probably check the number of pages first. Recommended.

  • Beth
    2019-07-10 12:27

    I'm so glad to tell you that I finished reading TRUST YOUR EYES by Linwood Barclay. That is not a compliment. Here's why.1. Have you ever read a book in which nothing happened until well after the 200th page? That's the first and biggest problem with this book. I could excuse other faults if Barclay had interested me right away.2. Too many sentence fragments are throughout the book. Barclay likes the predicate. So he often eliminates the subject. This appears to be a deliberate technique, but I don't know why. 3. Although many authors successfully go back and forth in time, Barclay does it suddenly. So you don't know until you are a few sentences/paragraphs in that you are a few weeks back from where you just were.4. Barclay uses too many tired phrases, you know, phrases like "He took two stairs at a time."5. There are too many coincidences. Someone looking up at the right window at the right time is enough. But the god in the machine appears too often after that.6. Two stories are going on, which is not a problem.One story is about Ray and his schizophrenic brother Thomas. Their father just died. They're both grown men, but Thomas doesn't know how to care for himself or his home. While Ray figures out what to do, Thomas "works" on his mapping on the computer. When he sees on the Internet what appears to be a murder, it looks like something will happen, and it does, but it's slow. And Ray never adequately explains to the authorities that Thomas is schizophrenic, which is maddening. The other story going on is about a woman named Allison. She gets in all sorts of trouble when she tries to blackmail a politician's wife.The problem is that it takes too long for these two stories to come together. 7. Barclay seems to try too hard to have snappy dialog. It comes across as unrealistic. Too often the characters say things the way normal people wouldn't say them. There are more problems in addition to these seven I cited above. In short, though, I am unhappy with this book. Even more, I am disappointed that I can no longer rely on reviews written by the person who gave this book a good review.I won TRUST YOUR EYES through LibraryThing Early Reviewers on

  • Louise
    2019-07-02 11:39

    TRUST YOUR EYES (LINWOOD BARCLAY)Story Description:Doubleday Canada|September 4, 2012|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-385-66957-3Thomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic so affected that he rarely leaves the self-imposed bastion of his bedroom. But with a computer program called, he travels the world while never so much as stepping out the door. He pores over and memorizes the streets of the world. He examines every address, as well as the people who are frozen in time on his computer screen. Then he sees something that anyone else might have stumbled upon – but has not – in a street view of downtown New York City: an image in a window. An image that looks like a woman being murdered. Thomas’s brother, Ray, takes care of him, cooking for him, dealing with the outside world on his behalf, and listening to his intricate and increasingly paranoid theories. When Thomas tells Ray what he has seen, Ray humours him with a half-hearted investigation. But Ray soon realizes he and his brother have stumbled onto a deadly conspiracy. And now they are in the crosshairs.My Review:Thomas Kilbride, a man with schizophrenia witnesses an attempted murder on a website called Thomas memorizes street names from cities around the world which is how he stumbled upon this scene. He is so upset that he convinces his brother, Ray, who looks after him to investigate. Thinking he is placating and humouring, Thomas, they both soon learn that getting involved was huge mistake and now their lives are at stake.Trust Your Eyes is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that you won’t want to get off. The thrills, suspense, and intrigue just keep coming and coming. As usual, Linwood Barclay, has penned a stupendous novel! This is a keeper that I’d like to read again just to experience the thrills a second time around.

  • Kirsten
    2019-07-11 10:42

    Wow! Quite a page-turner!This is basically an updated Rear Window, but without Grace Kelly. The book also reminded me of Daniel Palmer's thriller Delirious, except it was much better.Like Delirious, you have two brothers, one mentally ill, and the other trying to deal with that. The plot of witnessing a murder via a website similar to Google Earth was interesting. I've looked and seen pictures on Google Earth where you can see people and dogs in yards, so I can see how this would work.The mentally ill brother seems to have some high functioning syndrome/conditions that allows him to do amazing things with his brain, but he has a hard time managing his place in society.The ending was especially satisfying. So many authors are excellent on the build-up but just can't stick the landing. (LOL! Considering one of the characters that was quite an appropriate analogy.)I highly recommend this book. I read it in 2 sittings. It would be a great book for a rainy afternoon.

  • Anne
    2019-06-30 05:53

    Linwood Barclay is a hugely successful author. His back catalogue include his memoir Last Resort, a series of comic thrillers featuring the character Zach Walker and seven very popular stand-alone novels. The first of these stand-alones is No Time For Goodbye which was the single bestselling novel in the UK in 2008, and has been optioned for a movie.Linwood Barclay's latest release Trust Your Eyes will be published in the UK by Orion on 27 September 2012.Trust Your Eyes hooked me in from the first sentence, with a prologue that is intriguing and taunts the reader with snippets of what is yet to come.Ray and Thomas Kilbride are two brothers and very different characters. Thomas spends his days in his room, memorising city maps from all over the world. He is addicted to the website Whirl360 - a site that allows the user to visit anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home. Thomas does nothing but this, except eat, take his medication and make very infrequent trips to his psychiatrist. Thomas is working secretly for the CIA, and speaks regularly to ex President Bill Clinton .... or does he?Ray is an illustrator, he moved away some time age, but is now home trying to sort out the family home and what to do about Thomas after the accidental death of their father .... or what it an accident?When Whirl360 throws up something suspicious looking in a random window, on a random street in New York, Thomas is convinced that there has been a murder. The Kilbride brothers find themselves smack bang in the middle of a deadly conspiracy game, being played out by some powerful, and very dangerous peopleTrust Your Eyes is a multi-layered, complicated thriller, told in an accessible and totally uncomplicated way. The suspense is taut right from the beginning, the pace is furious, the tension is often unrelenting. There are enough red herrings thrown at the reader to start a stall on a fish market, and just when you think you've worked something out Linwood Barclay throws another spanner into the works. I certainly had every one of my theories blown way way out of the window as I was reading, which only keeps up the level of suspense right up until the very last sentence.The different threads of the story are effortlessly tied together, the characters are scarily life like. The issues of mental illness is dealt with sensitively, yet conveys the frustration that can be caused to family members, and also the devastation at times

  • Christa
    2019-07-11 08:28

    Trust Your Eyes was a compelling book with some twists and turns. The characters were very interesting, the storyline was fast paced and kept me thinking, and I really liked the way all of the different angles of the storyline came together. I thought this was a very clever book.Ray Kilbride returns home to Promise Falls, New York after the death of his father to put affairs in order. He has some decisions to make about his younger brother Thomas, as he is schizophrenic, spends all day in his room on his computer, and has never been expected to take care of himself or anything in the household. Shortly after Ray's arrival, Thomas sees something terribly disturbing online and sends Ray to investigate it. This causes them to become caught up in a scandal involving politics, blackmail, and a number of brutal murders. As they innocently become embroiled in this, secrets of their own family begin to come to light.I really liked Ray Kilbride, and thought Julie McGill made a good counterpart for him. Thomas was a very interesting character. I liked the action and thought there was plenty of suspense as well. I found parts to be surprising, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

  • Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    2019-06-20 13:47

    Read my mini review here... below... Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay was such an unexpected pleasure. Unexpected because I have a tendency of figuring out the mystery in mystery novels. It is rare when I can be fooled by the ending in a good mystery novel. I usually see the twists early on. That’s why books like Trust Your Eyes are such a rare treat. This book had me fooled over and over again. It was so unique in its storyline and the plot twists had me actually rereading parts of the book in amazement. Barclay absolutely won me over. In fact, I ended up downloading two of his other novels right after finishing this one. 

  • E.
    2019-07-21 09:31

    I'll admit, it took me a while to sort out all the characters and their story lines, but once it happened this book really took off. The way the different situations began to intersect and relate to each other was hugely entertaining. There were several times I was gasping and laughing simultaneously. Great characters, interesting twists (and lots of them) and an ending that was surprising. This one hit all my criteria for five stars. I'm off to another Linwood Barclay right away!

  • Barbara Kinsky
    2019-07-19 05:28

    If ever there was a best thriller of the year, this is it! With so much twists and turns as well as colorful characters, I just could not put this book down. Thomas is so delightfully funny! Well done, Mr Barclay. You have really created a masterpiece and I look forward to now reading your latest book!

  • Luanne Ollivier
    2019-06-21 11:50

    Trust Your Eyes is the latest book from Canadian author Linwood Barclay. In tiny letters on the front cover it also says 'A Thriller.' This really should read A THRILLLER. Barclay is always good for a wild ride of a read, but this time he's outdone himself!Thomas Kilbride loves maps. When a new computer program called Whirl360 is released he is in heaven. He can continue his 'work' - memorizing the streets of all the major cities in the world."You picked a spot anywhere on the globe and initially viewed the location from above, either in a traditional map form or in satellite mode, as though you were suspended in the sky. You could click on a specific street, and see it. Really see it. Like you were standing there, right in the middle of it. With each click of the mouse you progressed several yards ahead. If something in a store window or a restaurant caught your eye, you could zoom in on it. Read the daily special - 'Liver and onions $5.99' if you wanted." (sound familiar?)And then one day, Thomas looks up at a building in New York. Normally he doesn't, but today he does. And he sees something - "What was that he was witnessing? Someone putting a bag over another person's head? Cutting off their air supply? Smothering them? Who was this happening to? A man? A woman? And who was doing it to them?"But who can he tell? Who will believe him? For map obsessed Thomas is also schizophrenic and lives an isolated life, never leaving his home. When Thomas's brother Ray comes back home to help him out, he is torn between humouring Thomas and dismissing his ramblings. But what if...?And don't worry, I haven't spoiled the book for you, as that's all in the first few pages! Each subsequent chapter introduces us to many other characters, scenes and situations. I wondered how in the world would these disparate threads be woven together? Quite ingeniously as it turns out.Barclay kept me frantically turning pages as the action ramped up and the twists and turns kept me off balance as the plot went places I could never have imagined. There were several little gotchas that were really clever and had me going back to reread to see what I had missed catching. And I really couldn't put it down - I devoured in a day when I had no electricity for 10 hours. (long story) Definitely recommended....and you might want to think twice about a certain computer program...

  • Charlotte
    2019-06-24 06:34

    This is the first Linwood Barclay novel I’ve read and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not the usual sort of thing I read so I was somewhat reluctant to start it but it was much better than I expected. It’s not a literary novel and it doesn’t claim to be. It’s a good, no-nonsense thriller sort of novel. Thomas Kilbride is in his thirties but he spends most of his time in his room using a street view website called Whirl360 to study and memorize cities around the world. He believes he has been recruited by the CIA as a sort of back-up in case a computer virus wipes out all the maps. His father Adam Kilbride has recently died and Thomas’ brother Ray has arrived home to sort things out and look after his schizophrenic younger brother. Whilst surfing Whirl360 Thomas spots something strange in a window. It looks like a person with a bag on their head being suffocated and he becomes convinced that he has witnessed a murder but how can he persuade anyone least of all Ray and what can they do about it?When someone discovers what they have witnessed Thomas and Ray become embroiled in a local government conspiracy and they find that their lives are increasingly in danger and long buried secrets come to the surface. This is the bare bones of the story because Barclay has also woven through the novel Thomas and Ray’s past life and their life with their father which makes the novel much more interesting than a straight-forward mystery thriller. Barclay’s characters are, for the most part, well drawn. I particularly liked Thomas and found Barclay’s portrayal of him quite sympathetic. The reader occasionally has to suspend their disbelief because some of the plot is a little far-fetched but overall Linwood Barclay’s new novel is a gripping and unexpectedly good read.

  • Michael
    2019-07-13 07:45

    I can always count on certain things when I read Linwood Barclay's novels, interesting characters, nail biting suspense and a great story.In "Trust Your Eyes," Ray Kilborne, a man you might meet anyplace, comes home for his father's funeral. Then he must decide what to do with his brother, Tom. Tom is schizophrenic and spends most of his time glued to his computer.Tom has a computer program called Whirl 360 which has a website that allows him to look at actual streets of cities around the world and see what is going on.He sees something that looks like a major crime happening on a street in New York. He won't be satisfied until he can be sure what happened. He asks Ray to check it out. In this manner, the two brothers stumble on to a major conspiracy.Elsewhere, Morris Sawchuck is running for governor of New York. Someone contacts his wife and demands a meeting.Tom narrates his portion of the story. His disbelief of the situation turns to extreme anxiety in a manner in which the reader is drawn into the action. He uses the first person in his writing and when we read that "I" did this or that, it becomes as if it is our own journey.Barclay is a talented writer and his prose has a cinematic quality as we observe, not only the action, but the scene itself. It could be an antique shop with walls lined up with Royal Daulton figurines or old fashioned cameras, or it could be a frantic man in the backseat of a cap, telling the bored driver that he must go faster to save someone's life.Everything comes together nicely in a satisfactory conclusion. I enjoyed this novel very much and have only one suggestion: don't miss it!

  • Alla
    2019-07-14 09:47

    “Trust your eyes” by Linwood Barclay follows Thomas Kilbridge, a schizophrenic who is in love with maps and the computer program Whirl360 which gives him the opportunity to see the world—when, while web-surfing New York City using Whirl 360, he sees someone’s head sticking out of the window and covered by a plastic bag. A murder is in process. He decides to get his brother Ray involved in investigating the matter and sends him to the place of the crime. In a parallel plot, Morris Sawchuck is running for New York Governor and his right-hand man smells trouble when Morris’s wife Bridget tells him she’s being blackmailed by her lover. Meanwhile some time later, ex-waitress Jennifer is on the run after her plans come crashing down and her life is in danger.The writing is pretty fast-paced, while Barclay also manages to infuse a thriller with moments of poignancy (Raymond in mourning over the loss of his father, Thomas’s struggles with schizophrenia, small-town melancholy) and occasional humor (throughout the book Thomas is under the illusion he is working for the CIA and reports to Bill Clinton—characters mock him over this and Ray tries to dispel this idea from Thomas’s mind—until, in one scene when the brothers are in danger, the telephone rings—and the caller identifies himself as Bill Clinton). Overall, I enjoyed this thriller. The characters were nicely flashed out (with the exception of Ray’s girlfriend Julie who didn’t add much to the story) and the plot progresses at a good pace, with the mandatory twists and turns. Looking forward to Barclay’s future endeavors.

  • Aarushi
    2019-06-30 10:33

    Thrillers usually aren’t my cup of tea but this one did have me engrossed, wanting to know what was going to happen next. It was interesting to see how the different characters (as diverse as a thirty-something schizophrenic guy who travels the world using a computer program a la Google maps, the bisexual wife of a prospective governor and an ex-Olympic gymnast turned assassin) linked together.However, when I finished, it just felt like I’d read a book that had the pretext of the movie Rear Window and was a cross between The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and the movie The Ides of March with a bit of Jason Bourne thrown in for good measure.The concept of viewing a murder-in-progress via a computer program is intriguing in itself, if a little implausible. The twist and turns are what make this book and I would’ve given it a higher rating but then the ending happened.A solid thriller for those who like that sort of thing.

  • Beccalarge
    2019-07-17 13:36

    Ok...again, if you are into these murder mystery thrillers this is probably a great one. My mother in law loaned me the book, otherwise I never would have read it. I struggle with the lack of character development, believability of the situations, etc. I know that what I should be focusing on in a book like this is the murder, the mystery, and the emotional twists and turns. Based upon those three things alone I would give this book a much higher rating....I just can't read that way. It was interesting, but mostly I just wanted to finish it, and was so happy when i was done and it was over! The great books are the ones you don't want to end because you will miss the characters, but there is no one to miss in this book. I personally wouldn't read another one by this author, but if you like these books this is probably a good one. Also....really bad language.

  • Cher
    2019-07-17 13:54

    4.5 stars. Really enjoyed this one, which was the first novel I have read by Barclay. The story quickly pulls you in and never drops to a slow pace, yet it is not one of those action packed thrillers that overdoes it with describing the frenetic antics of the hero narrowly dodging one danger after another (I don't enjoy that type of thriller). The author has a great knack of ending each chapter with a sentence that makes you think, Ok, just one more chapter. Will definitely look for more novels by him!

  • Roxane
    2019-07-11 12:47

    Not a bad read! I think what's bugging me is that I like to be "in the dark" when I'm reading a book. I like not knowing what's going on behind the scenes, and learning new things as the main character learns them. In this book the POV shifts between everyone involved, so there are few surprises. It's a bit hard to feel interest in the main characters trying to figure out what happened in the window when you already know. It had one or two good twists though.

  • Marilena.
    2019-07-12 08:27

    Απίστευτο...είχα καιρό να γελάσω έτσι με βιβλίο.Τελικά το American crime fiction είναι μία κατηγορία απο μόνο του.

  • Gloria Bernal
    2019-06-29 08:29

    5 Stars for entertainment and ingenuity. Oh my word, was this good! My type of book. Mystery, technology, fast pacing suspense and believable quirky characters. I try to reserve 5-star ratings for literary genius, which I don't expect a thriller or mystery to be, but this came pretty darn close. I am a Barclay fan, but I think this older one (2009) is my favorite. It’s about two brothers, in their early 30‘s, both single. Ray is the older one, an illustrator for newspapers/magz. The younger brother Thomas has been living at home with his father until this opens with his father’s accidental death. He is a diagnosed szichophrenic, a very intelligent one, who spends all of his time on his computer at home and is obsessed with maps. He believes that one day there will be a cataclysmic internet incident that will erase all maps from anywhere in the world. His memory is so amazingly sharp and he retains images so well, that he thinks he will be the only one in the world who will be able to help the U.S. Government navigate anywhere they need to after the disaster. He also believes he is employed by the CIA and emails them updates of his work. He insists he is being directed by former President Bill Clinton and sincerely believes this is his "job" helping his government with his "gift." I pictured Thomas very much like the character Sheldon, on Big Bang, because his dialogue, thought processes and humorous ponderings so resembled him. When Ray comes home to make arrangements for his fathers funeral, he sees Thomas’s workplace and the whole upstairs is “wallpapered” so to speak, with maps. Thomas shows him how he uses a program called Whirl360 to navigate and MEMORIZE any street or block in the world, not just the USA. He actually can do it, when put to the test. It was quite fascinating, actually, probably much like Google Earth. He stumbles across one vision of a building where it looks like someone is being murdered and this is where it gets really interesting. A kind of Rear Window type experience. Up to this point the author is laying the groundwork and developing the characters in this small town. But after that, hold onto your hat. You can’t imagine what will transpire. So captivating I read it in two sittings on the weekend, the second sitting keeping me up into the early morning hours to finish it, and even the end has its surprises. There is some political intrigue, complex relationships and some scary killers-for-hire. No sex, but not for the lack of trying between Ray and a female journalist, somehow they always got interrupted by Thomas, heheh, which was actually refreshing. Sex wouldn't have added to the story line. Some characters you will like and some you will hate, and a couple have you wondering, but Ray and Thomas are good people you won’t easily forget. I loved it.

  • Margaret Devaux
    2019-07-01 11:28

    What a great book. It had several story lines that all connected. Very intense and enjoyable. Definitely worth the read.