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In prehistoric times, our ancestors began building shelters and planting crops in order to escape from nature's harsh realities. Today, we flee urban dangers for the safer, reconfigured world of suburban lawns and parks. According to geographer Yi-Fu Tuan, people have always sought to escape in one way or another, sometimes foolishly, often creatively and ingeniously. GlasIn prehistoric times, our ancestors began building shelters and planting crops in order to escape from nature's harsh realities. Today, we flee urban dangers for the safer, reconfigured world of suburban lawns and parks. According to geographer Yi-Fu Tuan, people have always sought to escape in one way or another, sometimes foolishly, often creatively and ingeniously. Glass-tower cities, suburbs, shopping malls, Disneyland—all are among the most recent monuments in our efforts to escape the constraints and uncertainties of life—ultimately, those imposed by nature. "What cultural product," Tuan asks, "is not escape?" In his new book, the capstone of a celebrated career, Tuan shows that escapism is an inescapable component of human thought and culture....

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Escapism Reviews

  • Jason
    2019-05-28 08:55

    One of the best books you're likely to read if you want to understand the nature of human behaviour, and why some of us felt the need and necessity to invent distractions to occupy us throughout our daily lives. On top of that, Tuan writes not only in very specific terms, but has a lovely ability to stream sentences which lends itself the ability to seem more like poetry than non-fiction.

  • maha
    2019-06-04 15:13

    ما زلت في بداية الكتاب***يفتتح المؤلف الكتاب بسرده لقصة دعوة لكتابة ورقة بحث عن لاندسكيب ديزنيولكون تخصصه في الجغرافيا بدلا من اللاندسكيب، خصوصا لاندسكيب الملاهي، كاد أن يرفضفلدى الاكاديميين ميل نحو القاء الملاهي الترفيهية كملهاة لذوي العقول البسيطةلكنه استجاب للدعوة واستغرب من استمتاعه بهذا المهربومن هنا ولدت فكرة الكتاب، لماذا يهرب الانسان..وما هي وسائل هروبه؟فكرة الهرب من شيء ما ليست جديدة علي.. ولكن ربما هي متغلغلة في لا وعينااجتذبتني عبارته ان الانسان هو الحيوان الذي يقفل عيناه ليهرب، ويحلم، ويتأمل.. ريثما الحيوانات لا تحلم وتشرد بذهنها بعيدا، لأن بقائها ونجاتها معتمدة على وجودها في اللحظة وفي العالم الحقيقي..بينما الانسان هو الحيوان الوحيد الذي لا يرى الاشياء على ما هي عليهP. 6***تطرق بشكل سريع الى قابلية أغلبية الناس، في حال انكارهم للحياة الاخرى، بالايمان بجهنم أكثر من ايمانهم بجنة، لأنهم رأوا الكثير من الجحيم وربما لحظات من النعيم في دنياهميقول بأن الكثير في الثقافة الأكاديمية السائدة يميل للنظرة التشاؤمية، كيف لا ونحن نرى الاشياء كما هي عليه؟ هذا الكتاب، على العكس، ينظر الى العالم بنظرة ايجابية، لكن ما قرأته الى الن، يحلل بنظرة موضوعية البشر وثقافتهم.. اتسائل حاليا ان كان المؤلف سيفي بوعده عندما أقفل الكتاب وقد تكونت لدي فكرة ايجابية..p. XVI****تطرق الى تكوين المجتماعات البشرية للثقافات كمهرب ايضافمع أن البشر بنوا المباني واستخدموا الأدوات المعقدة للتغلب على قوى الطبيعة، فإن الكبيعة ظلت متربصة بهم، هي الأم والوحش في آن.. الأم التي تغذي البشر، والوحش الذي قد يثور عليهم قيبقلب ظواهر الطبيعة من فيضان وزلزال عليهمولكن ما بناه البشر من عمران ليس دوما تفوق على الطبيعة، وأعطى مثال مباني الصينيين الأثرية وثقافة الأزتك بنت المعابد ليس للتكبر على الطبيعة، ولكن لمراضاتها، فالمعابد الضخمةى بنيت لتقديم الأضاحي لهذه الطبيعة الأم..فقدني قليلا في ارتباط هذه النقطةو بالهروب، هل هو هروب من الغضب، مثال (ففروا الى الله) أو اننا لن نفر من ذاك الذي هو أكبر منا الا بالهروب اليه؟ ربما.. وربما اسقط فهمي على ما يقوله المؤلف توان..***الطبيعة الحيوانيةكلما تحضر الانسان، كلما ابتعد عن طبيعته. p. XIVنحن أيضا نهرب مما يذكلانا بأصلنا الحيواني، نهرب من رائحتنا البشرية، وننظر لى الاخرين اذا ما فاحت روائحهم بنظرة دونية، لأنهم اقرب الي الحيواناتاننا نهرب بذلك ونوهم انفسنا بأننا افضل من سائر المخلوقات***يتبع***

  • Bill Gholson
    2019-05-28 14:06

    I just "discovered" Yi-Fu Tuan, although he has been around for a long time. I just finished this book and have begun another, Who Am I. Also, I have purchased Topophilia, but haven't started it yet. Yi-Fu Tuan is a geographer who is interested in human relationships and geography. Escapism is a book which explores the role of escape in the evolution of cultures. Tuan writes clearly and elegantly. I am not sure I can adequately summarize what his book means to me, but I can say that it is a book that is beginning to change my thinking about so much. For Tuan, escape is a fundamental aspect of being human. Some escape is bad, especially if it becomes obsession. Other forms of escape are necessary and take us to places we need or want to be.

  • Sam
    2019-06-10 16:07

    This text explore the psychological/philosophical factors associated with tourism, nature, and consumption, organized around the theme of escape. The parts about people attempting to escape from the animality of their own bodies was most interesting to me. The author spends significant time discussing food, the act of eating, and the steps we've taken to distance this necessary action from its animal connections.

  • Chelsia
    2019-05-29 12:54

    I read this book during my final year at NUS... Somehow the title provoke me... I am someone who doesnt really like to inform people of my whereabouts and loves to run away whenever I could. Tuan looks at the notion of escapes from everyday notions of life to soul migration from physical being to something really immaterial.. not everyone's cup of tea though.. chapter 3&4 are my favs! sometimes it is just a thin line between reality and fantasy....

  • Carol
    2019-06-03 13:59

    My other 5 star book...I can't even begin to explain what this book really is is fascinating and one of the very few books I've ever re-read parts of...a philosophical look at many cultural starts with a meditation on the human desire to escape the humdrum and goes on to astute analyses of morality, ideas of heaven and earth, Christianity...not one bit dry...very global thinker.

  • David
    2019-06-10 13:04

    I had no idea this is what "Geographers" wrote about. Maybe it isn't. Tuan looks at what it means to be human, with all its weirdness, contradictions, and possibility. What is imagination? Culture? Sex? Violence? Art? Escape? It's the smartest, plainest, most earnest book I've read in years.

  • Dawn
    2019-06-04 11:52

    Interesting viewpoint - how humankind's essential nature is to escape whatever situation we are in: brutal nature to civilized society, civilization's "back to nature" movement, etc. While I agree with the premise, I thought the author ultimately got carried away with, and over-extended, his subject matter, research and observations. I am frankly surprised by all the raving reviews.

  • Erin Mccarty
    2019-05-22 14:59

    I've been (slowly) reading this book for a couple months now. The depth to which it explains modern human behavior is impressive. It outlines how we try and escape our animal selves in such ways as using utensils to separate ourselves from the gruesome act of eating. (Still haven't gotten to the other "selves" yet...will update ;)

  • Andrew
    2019-05-21 10:14

    This book tells you a lot about how we humans layer our reality with distractions, as to soften the blow of our corporal existence. Even if you disagree with some of Tuan's points - it gets you thinking.

  • Jerad
    2019-06-10 11:04

    A must read for someone looking for symmetry between disciplines in the humanities. It basically sums up human nature in a new light, and light that hopes the reader will be more thoughtful towards the real and unreal.

  • Elise Barker
    2019-06-05 11:13

    I loved this book. Tuan's prose is elegant yet daring, and he dives into human taboos - ranging from eating to more violent actions - with wonderfully confrontational descriptions that made me uncomfortable then in turn question my discomfort. He argues that culture IS escape, and I am convinced.

  • Amir
    2019-05-22 09:06

    A book about a lot of things, and nothing in particular. The author --a Chinese-American-- is the definition of erudite. A mine of ideas and insights. Impressive!

  • Charles
    2019-05-21 15:12

    culture as escape from facing the world "as it is"

  • Graham
    2019-05-27 14:15

    This book is pretty damned amazing. I left it feeling anxious and pessimistic and yet at the same time oddly comforted.

  • Maryrose
    2019-05-30 08:56

    Very interesting...philosophy and literature...some pyschology