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"In a world of darkness, she is his light. "A "Midnight Justice" StoryIt s a dark and stormy night, and Luna Masters is in trouble. Buttoned-up court reporter by day, by night she fights crime as Luminescence, drawing power from the moon. No moon, no power and she s about to pay with her life.As her consciousness dims, a man steps from the shadows. But he s no savior. It s"In a world of darkness, she is his light. "A "Midnight Justice" StoryIt s a dark and stormy night, and Luna Masters is in trouble. Buttoned-up court reporter by day, by night she fights crime as Luminescence, drawing power from the moon. No moon, no power and she s about to pay with her life.As her consciousness dims, a man steps from the shadows. But he s no savior. It s Scythe, a villain whose reputation for evil is legend. When she awakens, at first she s surprised to be alive. Then enraged to find herself tied to his bed. Naked.Scythe is livid. A minor superhero like Luna has no business on his turf, and he plans to enjoy administering punishment, Yet somewhere in the night, pain turns into pleasure then into something wicked and sexy that shakes them both to the core.Though Scythe warns her away, Luna s passion for justice draws her back into the dark, to her masked lover s side. For good, or evil? Only the dawn will tellWarning: "Pow! " In the clash of good versus evil, villains don t play nicely. "Bam! " When captured, superheroines often get tied up. "Kablooie! " Hot sex may cause mayhem with your e-reader....

Title : Blade of Moonlight
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Blade of Moonlight Reviews

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-05-23 12:09

    Alyn's review posted on Guilty PleasuresI am beginning to think I would like super hero movies more if they even came close to books like this one. Blade of Moonlight is fast and sexy crime fighting story that will pull you in and not let go. Luna Masters leads a double life. By day, she is a court reporter. Dressed in drab, baggy suits, glasses and hair tied in a bun, Luna works hard to go unnoticed. By night, her alter ego Luminescence patrols the streets to alert the authorities of the evil lurking in the streets. Aremed with a leather bikini and powers that allow her to illuminate through moonlight, she may not be the strongest hero, but she does what she can to help. When she finds herself in a predicament with a robber, a dark shadow comes to her rescue. Scythe, the most feared of all villains aids the lightness in the leather bikini as she falls to her feet unconscious. When she wakes up, she is bound to a bed and naked before none other, than Scythe, who is determined to teach this young hero a lesson or two about fear. Scythe can't believe Luminescence was out in that alley all by herself. She needs a sidekick and to trust her instincts and run when she feels fear. He is determined to show her how fearful she should be, but when he gets her naked and strapped down at his will, he realizes he can't keep his hands, and every other part of himself off of her. No matter how hard he tries, he can't get the girl out of his mind, and every time they meet he simply has to have her. When he finds her snooping around a case that could get her killed, he has no choice but to intervene and show her that not all is what it appears to be. Will she still want him when she discovers his true identity? This book was much more than I anticipated. The story takes off fast and does not slow down until the end. With a dark, dominating, villain/hero who will sex up on a bed, in the grass and anywhere else he can take control, these heroes are hot! I enjoy the fact that not all of the hero/villains actually have super powers, but more so super skills. It allows for the story to break away from the stereotypes and create unique characters that are fun to follow. Great story when you want a sexy quickie that breaks the typical molds.

  • Sylvia
    2019-06-09 07:30

    Fun, short, sexy read. :)

  • Nikki
    2019-05-27 10:23

    Sexy Superheroine falls for hot as hell villain, who's more of a vigilante that's A-OK with murder. Freaking awesome! Ok, I love superheroes. Captain America and Thor to be specific. ;) And I love sexy steamy romance books. So, when you put the two together, it's AWESOME TIMES! I saw an arc review for a book that looked amazing. It was a superhero steamy romance and it got me thinking, I needed to read something like that pronto! So I scoured Goodreads and found Blade of Moonlight and was immediately intrigued and wanted to read it. So I did. In 1 1/2 sittings! (the 1/2 being before I passed out with my kindle on my face lol) This is my first book by this author, and I loved it. I'll be looking into her other books too. She has a great writing style and the story was awesome! Exactl what I was looking for in a book!

  • Kristen
    2019-06-02 04:26

    GENRE: Fantasy THEME: SuperheroesRECEIVED: Received for Review from AuthorBLOG: stars REVIEW:Blade of Moonlight was definitely a darker and more intense read in the superhero romance books. Apart of the Midnight Justice Anthology, I enjoyed going back into the word where superheroes exist and that the bad guys aren’t always the bad guys. Kimberly Dean writes an interesting twist to the superheroes and villains.Luna Masters is not the biggest of the superheroes around, her power is drawn only from the moon and unfortunately the night she decides to take down the bad guys, the moon is gone. But when she wakes up and is face to face with the most evil of villains, Scythe, she’s not quite sure what he’s going to do to her. But Scythe himself isn’t as evil as everyone thinks he is and Luna seems to be the only one able to push her way through all the darkness that surrounds him.Luna is a tough girl; she isn’t given much credit for being a superhero because she’s only known for having a bit of power. But she learns that she actually has more to her power than she ever thought and Scythe is the one who brings it out in her. The readers get to see Luna as a superhero and working in her regular job, I always find it interesting to see what job they can do outside being a superhero. They also get a little insight into her past and how she came to have the power of the moon.Scythe is a whole lot of tough, dark and wonderfully dangerous villain. He and Luna build this connection that turns into one smoking hot relationship. They both feed of each other not only in the bedroom but help each other stop the real bad guys. I loved his power, kind of reminded me of batman, he wasn’t all about power but strength and using his weapon. I would of liked to get more about his past, but maybe that’s suppose to be a mystery.Overall this was definitely a novel for a more mature audience but still had enough of a story outside of the bedroom to be entertaining. I wished the story as a whole was a bit longer but nonetheless I enjoyed the two opposite heroes figuring out that they could work together. RECOMMENDATION:This is an adult novel with sexual content that is meant for a mature reader. Fans of the writings of author Moira Rogers and Jodi Redford will love Blade of Moonlight by Kimberly Dean.

  • Christine
    2019-06-10 04:12

    I read this a long time ago and am guilty of loving this book!It was the first time a villain stared in one of my reads and I enjoyed it immensely.Their chemistry and not to mention the smoking hot scenes made this read that much...enjoyable, hotter, steamy and explosive.Superheros and especially villains are my kind of loves in books similar to this one ;)

  • LaCath
    2019-06-14 08:03

    I should have known reading the pitch that the love story would at best start in a grey area, but I guess I was a little naive.Let me be clear here : at the beginning of the first sex scene, Luna was NOT consenting. She was bound to a bed by a man wearing a mask and a costume, she wasn't in the position to do anything, except talking, and that seemed to encourage him. She actually enjoyed it, but I'm not completely sure Scythe would have stopped had it not been the case. It might not be a rape, but it's close enough, so that put the whole story in a dark grey area, especially when later, we realize the hero had been stalking her for a very long time. If Scythe wasn't a tall, dark, handsome dude amazingly good in bed, the story would have been a drama. I found their relationship unhealthy and that spoiled the whole story for me.1.5 stars

  • Bet-tay
    2019-06-04 12:25


  • Marissa
    2019-05-22 07:08

    Read this review and more on Smut Book Club: you are looking for a smoking hot superhero story, then start right here. We find Luna about to lose a fight, when Scythe steps in to save her. She thinks he’s a villain, but he decides to show her that fighting battles alone is the wrong move, and he does this by stripping her out of her costume and tying her to his bed. Of course, we also see their alter-egos the next day, ala Clark Kent. Lo and behold, they interact on a daily basis and never knew before that fateful night. Eventually they team up to take down the bad guys and also learn to trust each other enough to start a relationship. All in a day’s work for some superheroes.Favorite Quotes:He was big, built and sexy. Her thoughts stalled. She shouldn’t find him attractive – not with the situation he’d put her in – but she did. Adrenaline and pheromones were creating a dangerous chemistry. She had to be careful or she’d get pulled into the reaction.Big, menacing Scythe had stripped her down, dried her off and taken care of her – all before restraining her on the bed. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger. The man was a constant contradiction.

  • Heather in FL
    2019-05-20 12:21

    Really, really cute. And sexy. I thought it was kinda funny that Luna thought she could be plain during the day. And I found it very sexy how Scythe took control early on. And I also loved that he sort of lost control with her. I don't think he really intended to have sex with her when he tied her up. I think his ultimate reason (which we learn at the end) makes sense, but he was just overcome. Which now that I write that, it seems a little bit like sexual assault, but it didn't read that way at all. I also loved that he'd taken care of her before actually tying her up. I figured out who Scythe was very early on... it wasn't too hard. I can't believe Luna didn't figure it out! But I loved that when she asked him to partner with him, he didn't even hesitate when he agreed. I also liked that Luna realized she had more power than she thought when she needed to help Scythe.Just a really cute, sexy story. Not long at all, but still a satisfying read. If there are more of these, I might have to continue... the "superheroes" were kind of intriguing. I'm interested to see who else is in that world.

  • Calisto
    2019-06-01 09:22

    I love superheroes and I love smexy times. I know I can't be the only one which makes me wonder why there aren't more superspandex smexy times. Really, what's up with that? Maybe the success of The Avengers will bring a tsunami of superhero romances. One can hope.Luna is a 'second-rate' heroine who ends up going up against a first-rate (smokin' hawt) villain. Naked smexy times ensue.This story is short and fun. This story hit all of my superhero buttons, but it's also too short to go into with a deep review. My one complaint is that it's too short. I would have loved to have seen more tension build up between the leads (kinda what you see with a good batman/catwoman).A short, easy, brain candy read that I'd rec for fans of superhero romances.

  • Katie
    2019-05-22 11:30

    hmmm. He practically rapes her. Twice. Which usually would be off putting to me, but I could tell that she was enjoying herself nevertheless. (All that moaning). He also really cares about her and her safety. (Although he is a bit obsessed with her if you ask me). It was still an enjoyable book, and I wouldn't mind re-reading it. I have to admit the sex scenes were pretty hot, even though that's not really what I look for in a good romance. I'll let this one slide.

  • Sierra Dean
    2019-05-19 08:23

    Well written but unfortunately contained things that turn me off in romantic lit: heroine and hero falling in love too fast, among other things. But if you want a fun, hot superhero romance, the love scenes in this are phenomenal.

  • KelticKat
    2019-06-18 09:21

    Okay - call me nuts but what could be better - super heroes/heroines and super villains and some "sizzling" pages! Yes, I admit I enjoyed this one!

  • Puna
    2019-06-10 09:25

    Quick, fun read.

  • Alex
    2019-05-30 06:07

    Light, quick read.

  • sheila esther
    2019-05-24 07:18


  • Shasta Lantz
    2019-06-10 06:26

    Awesome book, just wish it was longer!!!