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COULD A STRANGER HEAL THE WOUNDS OF HER PAST?A terrifying encounter with a band of desperados left Laura Shafton a fearful widow and a scarred beauty. So when a tall, dark stranger came knocking on her door, she greeted him with a rifle --- cocked and loaded.Every instinct told her to turn Caleb McCurdy away --- except she needed a man's help. Soon Laura discovered his harCOULD A STRANGER HEAL THE WOUNDS OF HER PAST?A terrifying encounter with a band of desperados left Laura Shafton a fearful widow and a scarred beauty. So when a tall, dark stranger came knocking on her door, she greeted him with a rifle --- cocked and loaded.Every instinct told her to turn Caleb McCurdy away --- except she needed a man's help. Soon Laura discovered his hard body hid a warm heart that melted all her fears away. But the dark places in Caleb's past would divide them, unless Laura could learn a tough lesson about forgiveness....

Title : The Stranger
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The Stranger Reviews

  • Mackenzie
    2019-06-13 11:07

    When Caleb McCurdy is released from prison for participating in a bank robbery with his half brothers, he finds himself returning to a place in his life where an even darker crime by his brothers was committed. Knocking on the door of a rundown ranch, he discovers that Laura Shafton and her 5 year old son, Robbie still live at the ranch where his brothers, intent on raping Laura, murdered her husband and left her for dead. Laura doesn't recognize him, and accepts his offer to do chores in return for a meal. After that horrible event, she remains fearful of all strangers and is doing her best to provide for her son. Caleb, wanting to make up for his brothers' past mistakes does all he can to help fix up the farm and the more he remains, the more a friendship forms between Laura, Caleb and even Robbie. Even though eventually they confess their love for each other, Caleb's secrets remain between them and he knows he must leave. Unfortunately, before he can do that, his half brothers show up and Laura finally realizes who he is and that he is the brother who tried to stand up for her and protect her even then. Caleb will do anything for Laura, even if it means dying himself in order to protect her and her son. Although a nice read, this book didn't grab my attention and make me hold on until the end like others I have read. In general it's a nice historic western romance about redemption, forgiveness and an overall sweet, tender romance.

  • Celestine
    2019-06-16 12:07

    Solid western romance featuring a man after redemption and a woman forced to become hard as nails to protect her home and child. This book was a fair entry into the genre, but I felt it had a few missed opportunities for a deeper connection between Caleb and Laura. There was a bit of insta-love on the part of Caleb, which was understandable in a way, but he just didn't have that hard edge given his past history. He came from a dark place, and I expected it to bleed through his personality and actions a little more. Instead, he is a hero through and through. If you like historical romance stories with children, this might be one you think about picking up. I selected this book because I really liked Elizabeth Lane's Christmas Moon, and that one is still my preference.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-27 12:15

    *3.5 stars*

  • Karen
    2019-06-07 16:03

    I enjoyed how little bits of the hero's mother's culture was incorporated in the stories both medicines & beliefs. It was a heart warming story of redemption.

  • Betty Server
    2019-06-06 08:10

    This was a lovely story of love and redemption. Two people affected by circumstances that have shaped them into very different people from who they once were. This is a tale of finding forgiveness and love where you least expect it.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-30 13:01

    First I've read by this author .... wasn't fond of the deceipt throughout the whole book but it worked out in the end ..... I may try one more by her

  • Kay
    2019-06-17 12:57

    It’s 1881 in the New Mexico Territory. Caleb McCurdy has just been released from a five year stint in a Yuma prison. He’d taken the fall for his outlaw brothers who’d tried to rob the bank and left him holding the horses. He’d paid for his participation, but his soul is tormented by the deeds of his brothers at the Shafton Ranch. Caleb owed a debt to the widow Shafton for the killing of her husband, something he had tried to stop. Laura Shafton remembers that evil day five years before in her nightmares. She’d lost her husband but she had her son, Robbie; the unborn child she’d been carrying. She’s wary of strangers, so when Caleb knocks on her door to offer work for food, she greets him with a shotgun. While Caleb is mending her gate, Robbie seems to disappear, only to be found hiding in a tree. On his way down the boy falls breaking his arm, and Caleb helps Laura set the break and splint it. This builds a certain amount of wary trust in Laura and she allows Caleb to stay in her tool shed and continue to work for food. Caleb fears that at any time Laura’s going to recognize him as the 17 year old who had accompanied those evil men, but he’s matured a lot since then and his body has grown strong. Laura too is no longer the teenage bride; she’s now a strong independent woman. Their attraction is something that Caleb fights; for he knows that should Laura ever find out who his is she’ll never forgive him.I really liked the plot for this story. The characters are very well developed and easy to like. Though both Laura and Caleb are in their early 20’s in this book, they’ve both lived a life time in experiences. Caleb has always been a good man, but he’d been misguided by his need for family, and so he’d stuck with his brothers. Laura is incredibly strong and resilient, almost over the top so. She’ll survive anything in order to protect and care for her son. Though I found myself skipping over paragraphs because the pace seemed slow, this was a good book, one of forgiveness and healing.

  • Darlena
    2019-05-25 16:19

    The strangerThis is a book about redemption. Caleb is the son of a white man and a Comanche woman. His father was a drunk and cruel to his mother. His mother was a loving kind women. She died in child birth when Caleb was twelve.When Caleb's father died when Caleb was seventeen he drifted around with his half brothers Zeke and Noah. His brother were mean and cruel, especially Zeke who was not quite right mentally.One day the came up on a homestead where a young woman was hanging laundry. They road up and Noah asked if the could water their horses. Frightened, the woman fetched her husband who invited them to stay for a meal.Afterwards when the wife went to put the milk into the clearinghouse Zeke followed her in and locked the door and began to assault her. Caleb hearing her cries, broke the door open to stop Zeke, however he also broke his shoulder doing so. The wife's husband also hearing the commotion comes running and in his fury starts to shoot Zeke, but Noah shoots him in the back first. As Noah is about to shoot the wife too, Caleb begs him not to. An argument ensues ending with Noah knocking him out.Later, Caleb is sitting outside of a bank unaware his brothers are inside robbing it. He is the only one captured and spends the next few years in the Yuma prison.When he gets out he returns to the homestead to pay his respects to the graves of the man and woman only to find the woman alive and living on the ranch with her young son. The woman does not recognize him so he convinces her to let him fix things around the ranch for meals and a place to sleep.Caleb is torn between his guilt and growing love for the woman and her son. This is a sweet story and one I highly recommend.

  • Maqluba
    2019-05-25 14:15

    A nice sweet romance between two people who are trying to run away from their pasts and end up finding each other.The hero tried to help the heroine in what turns into a scary and tragic ordeal, but then they separate, only the hero now wants to help her back on her feet 5 years later. After the tragedy the heroine has become a recluse and is wary of strangers but she slowly opens up to his kindness and eventually lets him into her heart.I feel like all the elements of this book played out really well. Most times I hate when there's a secret between the h&h that threatens to turn into a Big Misunderstanding, but this is one secret I was okay with staying secret, because the hero wasn't using her and it was nice to see the heroine learning to open herself to others again.I think the main reason I'm a little hesitant about this book is that sometimes the wording got a little flower-y, and I felt the ending and the solving of the Secret was done too quickly. (view spoiler)[ I think I would have liked a little more angst from the heroine there when the truth came out, but yeah that could just be from the crazy angst-ridden HR books I keep reading lol.(hide spoiler)]

  • Patsyann
    2019-05-24 16:05

    Regret and forgiveness are the themes of this book. I loved the descriptions of the characters, and the story does not disappoint. The whole story is just really cool and it keeps you guessing till the end. This book is a fast read for me, the story is great and the romance was central to the story - so it kept my interest. One of the best "damaged characters" romance. Love the male characters and love the romance. BEST USE OF: Criminal brothers. A dog and a little boy.ALPHA MALE 10CUTE KID 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10SOME SEX 8HEA(HAPPILY EVER AFTER) 10PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE - both and it is very satisfying -10 - Perfect- on keeper shelf forever.Heat Level3 – Sensual – Lovemaking scenes are hot but not detailedCOVER COVERS IT: The cover covers the book characters perfectly.

  • Kathy Love
    2019-06-13 13:16

    I'm a huge fan of western set romance, and I really enjoyed this one. I thought the characters were well written, the setting felt alive to me. And the chemistry rocked. A great read, especially for fans of this time period. Sexy too!

  • Darlene
    2019-06-02 09:05

    Kind of boring.

  • M J
    2019-06-07 13:05

    Well written, enjoyable story.

  • Marie
    2019-06-18 11:54

    A very good story with great characters and lots to recommend it.

  • Hiding-out-with-my-Kindle
    2019-05-22 14:06

    I would have given this book five stars except there were some repetitive thought processes in the beginning. Still highly recommended.

  • Sheri
    2019-06-11 14:01

    The premise was different and I enjoyed the story.