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Those who read Charly will definitely want to read this novel and find out what happens to Sam, Charly's husband. How does he cope with being a single father? How does he come to terms with re-entry into the single life pressures of family and church? Find out in this gripping novel....

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Sam Reviews

  • Alicia
    2019-04-20 19:34

    I don't really know that much of what's going on, but it's the sequil to charly by jack weyland, and in this book, his parents are trying to find him a new wife, and he doesn't seem at all interested until he meets this really nice girl. He has a six month year old son named adam (I think). I haven't finished reading it so I don't know much about it. But that's why I am reading it, so I can learn about it. But I can tell you I im really interested in it.

  • Amelia
    2019-05-15 00:34

    This book was almost unbearable. It is so chauvinistic that it is on equal footing with Helen Andelin's "Fascinating Womanhood." I would give examples, but really, it's on nearly every page. I may have given the book 5 stars if he had died in the end. ;)

  • Blake Simpson
    2019-05-18 20:20

    I saw the Charley movie and read the book probably over ten years ago and liked it. I don't know if I read Charley now if I would like it. I have my doubts because I just read the follow-up book from Charley, Sam. The book was as corny as they come and it seemed there were some innuendos of how a mother should not work outside of the home and make sure not to drink caffeine, etc.

  • Ellee B. 5
    2019-04-23 19:29

    The book “Sam” (the sequel to “Charly”) by Jack Weyland is outstanding! The plot commences as Sam, a new widower, struggles to cope with the idea of having to be alone for the remainder of his and his son’s lives. With everyone badgering him to move on, he only finds his loss more difficult to bare. To convince everybody that he has let things go, he decides to seek out a wife, even if he’s not ready to love someone her. I found this book quite gripping! Though it isn't a very short book, I had no trouble getting through it quickly because of how well it was written! I was also extremely impressed with it’s abilities as a sequel! A lot of sequels to books seem to have a hard time staying true to their origin, but this one had no problems! I would rate it 4/5 stars, knocking off one because the beginning was a little slow. Luckily, it was hard for me to relate to most areas in this book, but it still seemed to mark me in a way. I think it mostly just helped to have more sympathy for those who lose their spouse, parent, grandparent, or child. Another big thing I learned is that people, including ourselves, need time when tragic events happen. Pushing things along doesn’t help the grieving process. In fact, in the long-run, being pushy can even prolong one’s healing heart. With that said, I believe that the theme conveyed in “Sam” is that things will happen when and if they are suppose to. I absolutely adore this wonderful work of literature!

  • Kendra
    2019-05-07 17:30

    Sam by Jack Weyland, is the wonderful sequel to the book Charly. After Sam’s wife, Charly, dies due to cancer, he adventures out to find another woman to love. After going on a few dates with a few different women, he eventually discovers who he thinks could be the “one”. Is she really the “one” or will Sam have to keep searching for the right girl?I enjoyed this book a lot. It was fun to read but it didn’t always have me interested. I loved how Sam didn’t give up on finding another wife, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Love stories are supposed to make the reader feel their love and connection, but I didn’t feel it while reading this book. I would give it a ⅗ stars because I felt like the book kept dragging on and on, it just took forever to read. I think the theme of this book is if you lose someone, life goes on.

  • Alexis.L7
    2019-05-12 21:33

    The book Sam by Jack Weyland Is Great! Its about a guy named sam who lost his wife Charly due to cancer. He is trying to date again and find another spouse to spend eternal life with him and his son Adam. He goes through a few women and then he finally finds the "one." Then it just tells about there story together. I really liked this book, but not as much as Charly. I liked how he is such a turkey, and they both just kinda mess with each other. Its too cute! I didn't like how It was not charley with him because they were so perfect together! Also I didn't like how it ended so soon. I think the authors purpose Is that you can always get back on your feet, no matter the trials you have in the past.

  • Isabel
    2019-04-25 19:29

    This book is about a guy named Sam and his wife has passed away. He has a son, Adam. He is still really little, so Sam lives at his parents house so they can help Sam take care of Adam. Sam can't get over the loss of his wife so he is pretty depressed. Later in his church they have a single group club. He attends. Because he has been on s many dates to find a good mother for Adam. At the single group club he meets Laura who just got back from her mission in New Mexico. They go on dates and soon decide to get married. They live in an apartment and Adam love Laura.The first main character is Sam. Sam gives the story a suspense he is always in a different mood and you don't know what he is going to do next, and what his plans are, and his thoughts. The next character is Laura. She comes in later in the book, but she brings joy to the book she makes everything much better for Sam and she makes things happier in the book.As humans we have a tendency to hide away with our problems. But we need to get out and talk about our problems. In the book Sam had his wife die and that was really hard for him. But when he went out and talked to people and didn't hide away he met Laura.I thought this book was really good. I really enjoyed reading this. It didn't have really any boring parts in it. And it had me wanting to keep reading it. It wasn't like the best book ever but thought i thought it was pretty good.

  • Stephanne Stacey
    2019-04-27 01:26

    Less enchanted with this book as I was with Charly. I don't think the message was as powerful only because Jack's fan base is more feminine than masculine and the message is designed for male domination pride. Yes, there is the message for the female and the modern day acceptance that she can also be a successful member of the working community, but I didn't feel that the focus was as much there as with the first message. The other reason I was so disenchanted was that Mr. Weyland's ability to differentiate characters is very poor. I didn't feel any personality difference between Sam, Jon, Shirley, Lara, or whomever we were reading about at the time. As I realized this, I thought about the characters in Charly and found the same problem. Perhaps everyone has the same personality because the entire story is told from Sam's perspective, but humm... naw, that couldn't be it.Overall it was nice to see where Sam went after Charly since that book really didn't resolve, but it isn't a book I will reread nor recommend to my children to read. Unfortunately, it may be needed just to continue to Adam's Story. I'm hoping the third book in this series will redeem the author to good standing.

  • 02maddieO
    2019-05-04 19:21

    In the book Sam its about a father named Sam and his little boy named Adam. Sam's wife died and he doesn't know if he should remarry or not. He trys to find his answer. He felt that he can remarry but Charly his wife that died, would have to approve. At first he trys to find someone that is just like Charly. After time went on he decided his new wife didn't need to be just like Charly. When he starts dating he had some problems finding out what he wanted his new wife to be like. He really wanted her and Adam to like each other. He had gone to Charly's favorite place and tried to see if it was the right thing to do. When he got his answer he went on with his plan of finding a new wife. I rated this book a 4 because it was a really good book but I wish they would have talked more about Adam. Over all it was a wonderful book. I enjoyed reading this book.I would recommend this book to anyone that has read the book Charly because it expands the story. If you haven't read the book Charly that would be a good one to read to. It would be best if you read Charly before you read Sam. I would also recommend this book to anyone that would like a good love story.

  • Allisa
    2019-05-17 18:37

    I was trying to decide if this one was worse or better than Charly, but realized that it's about the same. They had the same humor, sorrow, angst, and they came out about equal.This book takes place 5 weeks after the last book. Adam has moved back Salt Lake City with his parents and... it's not going well with him. Despite Charly's last requests, he works his night away making model airplanes and crashing them. It's a bleak beginning. It does get better, however, and it becomes wonderful.What a ride falling in love is. Sam never believed it could happen again. I loved how Weyland handled it. The pace was different than Charly's, not as much time passed, and the cuts didn't feel so drastic. Of course, Charly isn't in this book either. I love how Weyland differentiated Lara from Charly. They certainly aren't the same type of person, but they both made Sam happy.I didn't like the ending very much. It was a little too short for my taste, especially after such an unhappy circumstance. I put the book down feeling like it wasn't quite complete. Ah well, it still ended well of course.

  • Alison
    2019-05-17 22:33

    I read this book as a teenager in the 70's. This is my first re-read. Thirty-five years have made a BIG difference in the LDS conversation about a woman's role in marriage. Yikes! I was turned off by Sam's difficulties dating a girl who might be smarter than him, then earned more money than him. But I had an even more difficult time stomaching the 'husband ruling over the wife,' 'the wife follows her husband (rather than having her own relationship with God),' and the 'husband presides as the president of the family, wife helps out as the vice-president' dialogue that filled up the rest of the book.Anyway, sure felt like the book was a waste of my time to read. Luckily it didn't take very long. Oh, wait. I skipped the first quarter of the book where Sam is in his dark place after Charly dies. I never watch the second half of the Charly movie, either. I only like the funny stuff. :)

  • 07emilyw
    2019-05-07 23:42

    After the death of his wife Charly, Sam is trying to find out what is next with his life. He sruggled to find love again. With a 2 year old son he thinks that he will never find love. He was called to be on the young single adult committe. He soon came to love this calling. They started to do a clown act for all the childern in the hospital. He loved doing that. One night he was off the a young single adult meeting. When he got there he saw a new person. Her name was Lara. During the meeting Lara introduced herself. She was a return missionary from Mexico. After the meeting Sam decided to Introduce himself. After a while he asked her out. After that date they were always together. After a couple of date they were soon engaged. As a normal married couple they had there ups and downs. But after the downs they were ups. They were a very happy married couple.

  • Olivia Parsons
    2019-04-23 01:27

    This book was extremely lame compared to Charly. Although I like a lot of the meanings behind Jack Weyland's book, I find his writing style to be poor and rather boring, even more so in Sam. Sam was such a big jerk in this particular novel and bothered me a lot through out the book, as he also did in the first novel. Although I understand that he is bitter after Charly's death, I think it was a bit unrealistic for him to blatantly say rude things to some of the women he dated, in search of a wife. Sometimes Jack Weyland's little Mormon world settings are quite unrealistic and make Mormons seem like they find themselves to be perfect, never making any mistakes, which bothers me A LOT, since I myself am a Mormon. The book could have been a lot better.

  • Melanie Cannon
    2019-04-24 01:38

    This is the second book of the series -- and for many years the final part of the story. It was the "happy ending," that came after the tragedy of the first book. Everything tied up all nice and neat .. probably too neat which is why Mr. Weyland revisited the series recently with the final book in the now 3-book series. I think now that I'm not 16 it rings way too neat and tidy. There is always collateral damage when someone dies -- especially a parent. I'm glad Mr. Weyland revisited the series with Adam. Love does conquer all -- but it takes lots of it and lots of patience. I strong recommend this series.

  • 04mckenna
    2019-05-05 01:29

    After losing his wife Charley to death. Sam is left with his little son Adam. Adam needs a mom and Sam wants to remarry but does not know at the same time and that chary will approve of he is put in the single adults and find the one Lara.I thought it was a good book it go with Charley I really liked Charley and so this was good liked it because it was happy but at the same time a sad book, it made me happy that he still loves Charley and that he found someone else, but it make me sad that he really miss Charley and when he talks about Charley to other people and him thinking about her. I think anyone would like this book I they liked Charley they will like it.

  • Greg
    2019-05-18 20:22

    Sequel to Charly, also by Jack Weyland. While both are a bit lightweight, I enjoyed both. Sam was, to me, a bit more enjoyable. After Charly's death due to cancer, Sam struggles for awhile and then meets his soon-to-be second wife. What ensues are the very typical, often funny, and occasionally tense adjustments whenever two people are married and must learn to build a new life together. Weyland is in typical form here...if you like his other books, you will like this one. if not, you won't.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-02 18:47

    I still thought this was a decent book but after Charly, it was really hard to get into it. I immediately fell in love with Charly and loved all of her antics. Lara was a complete opposite and Sam couldn't seem to get it together in this book so that was a little frustrating. Can't say it's not what I wouldn't do if I lost my spouse but it was too much back and forth emotionally for me. Will still read other Jack Weyland books though.

  • Brooklyn J.
    2019-04-27 00:24

    This book was one where you could just not stop reading... Sam is struggling to move on with life after his wife dies of cancer and leaves him with a little boy. Sam doesn't want him to grow up without a mother, so after a little while he got back up on his feet and started dating again after several dates with nice but not what he was looking for girls, he found this one girl who stood out to Sam. I would recommend this book to others if your looking for real life stories.

  • Annette
    2019-05-19 18:25

    I didn't like this one as well as I liked Charly. Mostly because I didn't feel like Sam was a very good father. At one point in the book I felt like he was almost abusive. I guess that part in the book was supposed to be funny and maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion but I thought that Mr. Weyland had taken it just a little to far in this one.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-22 21:28

    Nice sequel to Charly. A book about second chances and just moving forward when life has let you down. The subject matter was heavy, but the dialog was mostly light and witty. I loved Sam and could always see where he was coming from. It's always fun for me to read a book with love as a main component that's been written by a man. It's so enlightening...

  • m0rGan
    2019-05-06 21:41

    This book is a wonderful novel of a widowed fathers life... Jack Weyland keeps your interest by adding twists and turns to the story... even a new girl... but she could never replace charlie... could she? Find out!!! WARNING: i thought that it would be fairly lond and was dissapointed when it was nearly one hundred pages. ugh

  • Jessie
    2019-05-11 00:29

    Similar book to Charly. It is the continuing story. It was good book but once again very light and cheezy. I wish Sam would have talked more about raising his little boy all by himself. I felt like the little boy was not very much of the conversation. But I liked the love story. Sam finds someone very different than Charly, perfectionist, organized, healthy eater etc.

  • Camille
    2019-04-28 21:46

    I felt the same way about this book as I did the first. Very short, underdeveloped, and I still think the main character had some sort of a mental issue. Sam was much stranger in this book than he was in the first. I understand that Charlie's death has taken a toll on him, but he just went off the deep end of craziness.

  • Jim
    2019-05-14 01:25

    Re-read this after 25 years. Still a wonderful story with a nice ending. It's a little hard at times to determine if the characters are serious or teasing in their conversations with each other, but truly a "feel good" book with some fun twists. Of course, one can't read this until you've read Charly, but neither book is long or difficult reading, so there's no excuse to not give it a try.

  • Sandy
    2019-04-20 20:24

    Those who read Charly will definitely want to read this novel and find out what happens to Sam, Charly's husband. How does he cope with being a single father? How does he come to terms with re-entry into the single life pressures of family and church? Find out in this gripping novel.

  • Heather
    2019-04-23 00:31

    I read this years and years ago and bawled my stinking eyes out. And that's really all I can remember about it. I don't think I could handle it now that I am a mom.A very heart-wrenching but well-written story.

  • Alysha Speer
    2019-05-07 00:42

    This is the sequel to Charly.Sam is sad, as you remember Sam's loss, yet romantic as he gets married to a girl names Laura. And Sam's son Adam gets into his terrible twos. The whole book is facinating, and romantic.

  • Emmeli
    2019-05-08 00:32

    It was really good and i liked it but it was say because Charly and Lara are so different. It doesn't really mention Adam enough to know how he feels, even though he's a todler. I really liked it but i liked Charly better.

  • Polly
    2019-05-10 17:30

    Much more intersting than Charly - although you may need that to get insight into his thoughts. Maybe just more applicable as an adult. Somehow I liked that his second marriage wasn't just "perfect" like he thought his first was. Makes us all realize we have different weaknesses to work on.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-22 21:25

    Oh my gosh! This book was great! It is a must read for those who want to find out what happened to Sam. Read it! It was a great book. I also cried during this book. It is an easy read, so be prepared to stay up all night.