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Three novellas linked by a common field of battle...Plunged into a war of succession, the captain of the Black Wind is forced into the service of the powerful Earl of Gaulang. Ensnared in a tangle of bargains and betrayal, the captain and his crew fight for survival, finding allies in the unlikeliest of places.To the north, the commander of the Titan Guard, the elite fightThree novellas linked by a common field of battle...Plunged into a war of succession, the captain of the Black Wind is forced into the service of the powerful Earl of Gaulang. Ensnared in a tangle of bargains and betrayal, the captain and his crew fight for survival, finding allies in the unlikeliest of places.To the north, the commander of the Titan Guard, the elite fighting force of Lord North, travels to the edge of civilization to enlist the help of barbarian giants known as the Marchers. But such aid comes at a cost, and the price of victory may spell doom for all.From simple crofts, farms, and villages come the ranks of the engaging armies. A crofter hunts for his missing sons at the peril of his life and honor, while a miller follows his lord to battle, eager to rattle spears against enemy shields. Hungry and exhausted, both men will find they are but dander upon the wind in the great game of the Passions.And struggle as they might, all roads will lead them to the ruins at Baldairn Motte....

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the roads to baldairn motte Reviews

  • Richard
    2019-05-18 00:37

    Review copy kindly donated by co-author and GR friend, Ahimsa Kerp. This book tells of a political conflict for the throne of a kingdom. But it is less about the actual claimants, who largely remain offstage, than the ripple effects of the conflict. And everything culminates in a fierce battle waged around a fortress called Baldairn Motte, which seems to evoke a half-mythological and half-forgotten past.In the first novella, the story centres around Lyrie, a whore who gets dragged into the battle and plays a very special part. The second novella is told from the point of view of Henry Barlow, the commander of a contingent of special soldiers who has great difficulties dealing with the repercussions of the intrigues in which he is involved.The third novella tells the story of the battle from the point of view of the peasant infantry, so to speak. We get a close-up view of the horrors of war, and we feel the conflict of a man who has to decide between loyalty to his country and the urge to preserve his loved ones.The strength of the book lies in the characters, who were vividly presented. The political background was, to be honest, rather confusing and difficult to untangle, but that did not take away too much from the story which focussed more on individuals who were in a sense represntatives of their various classes. A star was deducted for some technical flaws, mainly typos.

  • Bob Milne
    2019-04-26 03:47

    For a heroic fantasy novel written by not one, not two, but three authors - Garrett Calcaterra, Craig Comer, and Ahimsa Kerp - The Roads to Baldairn Motte is a surprisingly well-structured, remarkably cohesive tale that actually benefits from the different voices, without seeming fragmented. It's worth noting that this is a second edition of the tale, with new content, and a massive restructuring. I can't speak for the original edition, but my impression, based on this, is that restructuring paid off.What we have here are three overlapping stories, each with a different narrative lead, but tied together by the same world, the same war, and the same struggles for survival. Interestingly, it's less about the war itself and those with the greatest stakes, and more about the 'common' people who are swept up by it, drawn into it, and (in some cases) ultimately defined by it.Yes, there are kings, princes, emperors, lords and noblemen here, some of who are central to the tale, but it's the whores, farmers, peasants, doctors, soldiers, and other 'common' people with whom we're invited to connect. There are, of course, characters who cross over between tales, and I surprised to find that they retained a consistent feel, despite being written by different authors. Clearly, a great deal of thought and planning went into shaping this 'mosaic' novel, and it shows.I felt the writing was a bit rushed or abrupt in places, as if the authors were impatient to get on with the story, but not to the point where it took away from the experience. The world was well-established in terms of politics and geography, with the stakes of war made quite clear. Some scenes could have benefited from a bit more physical description, just to anchor the reader in the world, but that's a minor quibble. Overall, the dialogue was strong, and the writing showed some definite flair. The Roads to Baldairn Motte is an interesting tale, both in terms of structure and content, and definitely worth a read.Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  • Sharon Reamer
    2019-05-09 03:48

    Story: 2.0 starsCharacters: 4.0 starsPacing: 3.5 starsWriting: 4.0 starsAverage: 3.4 starsThe Roads to Baldairn tells the story of incipient war between the lands in a kingdom characterized as the North and the South. We don’t know much about the war in this first book except that it is a power play. What the story mainly entails are a series of vignettes with various characters involved in the skirmishes and battles of this war. There are a dizzying amount of characters. Most of them have very little to do with one another, although there is some overlap. I found it disturbing and somewhat irritating to have hyperlinks associated with some of the characters that continally pulled me out of the story and didn’t really do much to enlighten me about the background or history of the story itself.The battles themselves are described well and make for good reading. The characters are interesting and their individual stories engaging and it was therefore frustrating to be taken out of one story just when things were progressing in a good or interesting way and introduced to a new setting and set of characters. Within the vignettes, the pacing was good. We have very few women characters actively engaged in the story as of this book. Most of the action takes place with the male characters involved in actual battle or about to be involved or some other characters performing some intrigue. The very first vignette involved a young noblewoman who had ditched her former life to become a prostitute in order to avoid a bad forced marriage. This portion of the story I found the most engaging and wished it would have been expanded further. Perhaps it will in later additions to the series.If this description of the novel sounds vague, it is because I found myself wondering when the story was going to converge into something that I could understand in the sense of a story arc that would pull everything into a comprehensible whole. Unfortunately, this did not happen. After I finished the novel, I still did not know where the story was going or what most of the characters had to do with each other. Whether the coming together of storylines is planned for later additions to the series is unclear.I may not be the best audience for this type of novel as I normally do not read purely adventure stories without some kind of fantasy attached, and there was none that I could find (except for some hints about fairy folk who did not materialize in this book). But for those who enjoy well-described battles and good character building, this would be a good choice. Good to high-quality writing and effective use of setting and descriptions made the read enjoyable for me despite not really knowing what the sense of the story was.

  • Dan Mazur
    2019-04-26 02:42

    I was very disappointed in the book. There was little character development and no real characters that were like able or even villainous. In fact all of the characters were 'milk toast'. There were sequences in the story that I had thought I may accidentally skipped a paragraph or a page, but after backstopping, I realized it was just the writer's style to rush through certain sequences. It simply didn't work for me. I had very high hopes for the book, seeing that 4 others rated it with 5 stars. It makes me wonder if they read it or provided suggested feedback. To each his own. I thought the plot was weak, somewhat confusing in parts, and quite honestly, ridiculous from a character development standpoint. Some of the character background development was a bit absurd, even for a pseudo fantasy book.

  • Ahimsa
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