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Acclaimed New York Times Bestselling author Charlaine Harris, the writer of the Sookie Stackhouse series, has joined the Dynamite Entertainment family with the first book of her hit Harper Connelly series, Grave Sight. For the past five years, readers have been thrilled by the Harper Connelly series which follows a woman who has what you might call a strange job: she findsAcclaimed New York Times Bestselling author Charlaine Harris, the writer of the Sookie Stackhouse series, has joined the Dynamite Entertainment family with the first book of her hit Harper Connelly series, Grave Sight. For the past five years, readers have been thrilled by the Harper Connelly series which follows a woman who has what you might call a strange job: she finds dead people. She can sense the final location of a person who's passed, and share their very last moment. The way Harper sees it, she's providing a service to the dead while bringing some closure to the living - but she's used to most people treating her like a blood-sucking leech. Traveling with her step-brother, Tolliver, as manager and sometime-bodyguard, she's become an expert at getting in, getting paid, and getting out fast. Because for the living it's always urgent - even if the dead can wait forever. At the age of 15, Harper Connelly was struck by lightning, an event that gave her the ability to find the dead and see how they died. Since then, Harper's scratched out a living selling her services to anyone with a checkbook. It's not the best life, but it beats the alternative - at least until Harper and her brother Tolliver roll into Sarne, Arkansas and find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery!...

Title : Grave Sight, Part 1
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Grave Sight, Part 1 Reviews

  • Emily May
    2019-05-31 06:02

    Reading this comic series is my excuse not to put myself through any lengthy Charlaine Harris disappointments again. I've repeatedly thought about reading her Harper Conolly series, but everyone says it's not as good as the Sookie novels and even those have gone massively downhill. So the easy way out is to read the graphic novels - you get the general gist of what's happpening without spending hours on a series that is just going to sputter out and die towards the end.As it happens, I thought this was a decent opening and I look forward to reading further installments condensed into graphic novel format. Harper Conolly was struck by lightning as a child and has gained the strange ability to locate dead people and sense how they died, sounds interesting enough and so far it is. Harper Conolly, as much as I can tell from a graphic novel, seems a very different character from Sookie Stackhouse. Physically, she reminds me of Lisbeth from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, no blonde-haired, big-boobed girly-girl here it seems - but then it's hard to get a huge grasp on the characters when reading a graphic novel (one of the downsides). She also seems a lot more of a detached and "I take shit from no one" kind of heroine, which is fine by me.I will definitely look out for more, there wasn't enough here to really rate successfully so I might re-think the 3 stars as the series progresses.

  • Anne
    2019-05-28 04:44

    Seems as though a lot of books are getting the graphic novel treatment lately. Unfortunately, not many of them are all that good. This one is no exception. I was never a huge fan of the Grave Sight series to start with, so that may have colored my opinion somewhat.Or maybe it's just sucky?One thing I really find annoying is that they always break the book up into volumes when they turn it into a graphic novel. Teeny-tiny volumes. As in, it takes 15 minutes to read the whole thing. What a rip-off.Don't waste your time on this unless you're just a huge fan of the series.

  • Allie
    2019-06-12 06:40

    My first Charlaine Harris. I liked it, but golly -- it's short.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-24 09:48

    4.5/5 starsI read the Harper Connelly series years ago and loved it. I just noticed that my library had the first three graphic novels (Grave Sight #1-3) so I grabbed them.If you loved this series then I would recommend reading these graphic novels. The illustrations are gorgeous. And the story is fast-paced and easy to follow. I loved this book.*The graphic novels Grave Sight #1-3 make up the first book (Grave Sight) in the Harper Connelly series. So #1 and 2 end with "to be continued".

  • ALPHAreader
    2019-06-05 04:04

    ‘Grave Sight’ is a graphic novel adaptation of the first book in Charlaine Harris’s paranormal ‘Harper Connelly’ series. ‘Sight’ Volume 1 was released in June this year, with two more instalments due for release (the second instalment is coming in September). When she was younger Harper Connelly was struck by lightning. Ever since then, she has been able to ‘sense’ death. If she is near a dead body she can recount the final moments of the corpse’s life, often giving clues as to the where, what, how and who of their death (and often, murder). Harper is the ultimate lemons into lemonade girl, turning her ability into a profession; she (along with her step-brother, Tolliver) tours the country, helping search for missing persons (for a price). When ‘Grave Sight’ begins, Harper finds herself in Sarne Arkansas, helping local law enforcement and a grieving family search for answers in a runaway teen cold case. But the longer Harper and Connelly stay, the messier their investigation gets. Harper finds more mysteries with her ‘sense’ and the longer she stays in town, the murders keep piling up . . . It seems that 2011 is the year of the underappreciated paranormal. I just recently read Volumes 1 and 2 of Richelle Mead’s ‘Dark Swan’ graphic novel, adapted from her least popular paranormal series of the same name (least popular in comparison to ‘Vampire Academy’, mind you!). ‘Harper Connelly’ is the same sort of beleaguered darling of literary juggernaut, Charlaine Harris. Harris’s ‘Southern Vampire: Sookie Stackhouse’ series has been ruling bestseller lists and dominating the box with its HBO ‘True Blood’ TV adaptation. By comparison, Harris’s other work of paranormal fiction is an under-appreciated afterthought. For a little while there was rumblings that ‘Harper’ could be as big as Sookie, especially when CBS bought the film and TV rights to Harris’s work, with every intention of turning it into a TV series. But this year CBS passed on the ‘Harper Connelly’ pilot and it looked as though Harper has missed her time in the spotlight . . . but now the series has been given a new (and better?) revisit, via the ever-popular graphic novel adaptation!I have been a big fan of ‘Harper Connelly’ for years now. It’s not as supernatural as the ‘Sookie’ books – there’s not a vampire or werewolf in sight. But Harper has a somewhat similar ‘ability’ to Sookie, not telepathy, but rather a sixth sense for death. Harper’s world is our world, real life examining the supernatural from a realist perspective – and Harper is a protagonist dealing with other people’s pessimism and blatant distrust of her and her abilities. In this series Charlaine can explore the ‘what if’ aspects of the supernatural in everyday life.The ‘Harper’ series is darker than ‘Sookie’ (or, rather, it’s as dark as the most recent Sookie books). Not only is Harper frequently fleeing from pitch-fork-wielding townies who claim she is a witch, but Harper and Tolliver are dealing with their own grief over a missing person. When they were younger, Harper’s older sister and Tolliver’s step-sister was abducted while walking home from school . . . never to be seen nor heard from again. As Harper tours the country, selling her ability to uncover death, she is always on the lookout for Cameron, hoping that the next body she ‘senses’ will be that of her missing sister.The ‘Harper’ series is dark indeed, as can be expected when it’s all about a woman’s ability to find the truth of death. But this is also a series with real heart – seen in the bond between Harper and Tolliver, and the step-siblings constant hunt for the truth about Cameron’s abduction.This graphic novel adaptation is covering the plot of the first book, ‘Grave Sight’, in three volumes. To be honest, ‘Grave Sight’ is perhaps not the best ‘Harper Connelly’ novel to visually adapt. That first novel is a lot about the nuances and whisperings of the small town of Sarne, Arkansas. In the novel, Harper and Tolliver spend the majority of their time wheeling and dealing with the town folk who hired them to find a missing girl . . . meanwhile, having talks with a few locals who have a few things to say about the missing teen. So in this graphic novel there’s lots of speech boxes and little action.Regardless, I’m quite impressed with William Harms’s screenwriting of Charlaine Harris’s work. There’s lots of back-story about Harper to condense – both about the lightning strike that changed her, and Cameron’s disappearance. Harms uses very poignant storytelling, coupled with some sublime images from Denis Medri, to communicate a lot of story in very few panels. I was also impressed at the way Medri visualized Harper’s ‘sight’. In the novel, Harris writes a visceral experience of the visions that plague Harper when she approaches a dead body . . . Medri has done well to make these visions equally chilling, represented in distinctive blood-red panelling with a mesh-effect to disorientate and frighten. This first instalment of the ‘Grave Sight’ graphic novel is slow-going, but only because of the back story that must be told in order to understand the complicated Harper Connelly. It’s dragged down by a lot of conversation and nuanced double-dealings. But both Medri and Harms shine in the scenes of more action, and eerie flashback. There is promise for a graphic Harper yet. I know that the books get darker, and Harper comes up against some formidable foes – I look forward to these future instalments, because I also know that Harper is an impressive leading lady in her own right.3.5/5Written by: Charlaine Harris & William HarmsArt by: Denis MedriColors by: Paolo FrancescuttoLetters by: Bill TortoliniCover A by: Benoit Springer Cover B by: Denis MedriContributing editor: Rich YoungConsultation: Ernst Dabel & Les Dabel

  • Emily
    2019-05-18 10:47

    3.5 stars. So let me start off by saying I haven't read the novels that this was based on. I know, I know. Big no-no right off the bat. A couple of things put me off this. There was continuous relations and references to Christianity. Let me make this very clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with Christianity or Christian Lit. That being said, hi, my name's Emily, I'm currently representing my crew of atheists. The constant "Do you think God approves of what you're doing?" was a little annoying, but it was the "I've asked myself that question every day of my life" answer that just made me roll my eyes. Mmmkay, movin' on.Somethings seemed to happen a little too easily. Her brother getting out of court? Waaayyy too easy. Suspending my disbelief about Harper 'forgetting her wallet'? Yeah, no. But of course the piece de résistance, Hollis showing up at the end there? Really??? It didn't take too much away from the overall story, I just would've liked to see how Harper reacted to a more difficult situation.Speaking of our protagonist, she certainly has a temper. A couple of times I found myself seeing an angry expression looking back at me and being completely confused and having re-reading the last few panels to try and understand why she is ready to punch the Sheriff. I really did enjoy the art though, and the sequencing was very clear. Sometimes I get when authors are trying to make it chaotic and intentionally confusing, but that just generally pisses me off. Epic way to make me dnf it. In any case, this didn't do that, so I digress. The plot held my attention, although I did keep getting characters mixed up with each other, but that's probably because I may or may not be half asleep at the moment. I did enjoy this, so a solid 3.5 stars.

  • Nikki Bywater
    2019-05-29 07:03

    When Harper Connolly is struck on the head by lightning, she discovers that she has the ability to find dead people. This becomes her job she gets paid to help people find the bodies of the missing.Harper is an honest, decent and loyal person and she has to face the fact that most people do not believe in what she does and think that she is taking advantage of the bereaved.Harper travels with her stepbrother to the Ozarks, to find a local missing teenager who is believed to be dead. They are made to feel unwelcome by most of the locals. Her stepbrother Tolliver ends up unfairly arrested and thrown in jail for no good reason and Harpers own life is put under threat.Who would go to such lengths to want Harper and Tolliver out of the way to stop the truth from being revealed?This is a great paranormal mystery. It only touches lightly on the paranormal so is not a scary or creepy story. The books main focus is on the main character Harper Connolly who comes across as a person who has come to terms with her unique ability, but has to deal with people who doubt it. It’s an interesting and original storyline that comes to a satisfying conclusion.

  • Holly Letson
    2019-05-27 10:37

    At age 15, Harper Connelly was struck by lightning. Ever since then, she can sense dead people's presence whenever she is around them, and can also tell how they they died. The catch to this is that she cannot tell who killed them. As an adult, she is pursuing this as a job, and her brother--Tolliver--is also tagging along. She is called to a small town, and does exactly as she promises, and provides the answers that she discovers, but just after they leave the town, they are called back. What does this town hold in store for them the second time around?------------------ Let me note that I checked out the 1st 2 volumes of GS, just to see what Charlaine's writing is like, since I had heard so many good things about her *Sookie Stackhouse* (Southern Vampires) series, but had never read any of her writing myself. And, the story is really good. Pity that the volumes are far too short, but the art is wonderful, too. If you want a quick-read by a good author, I'd recommend this to you.

  • Paula
    2019-06-13 07:52

    'Grave Sight' is the first book in the graphic novel collection based on the Harper Connelly series. Harper travels around the country with her step-brother Tolliver using her skill to make money, Harper's skill being she can sense dead bodies and knows how the person died. Harper also uses her power in the hope that she will find her sister who mysteriously disappeared years before. Can Harper find the answers she seeks?'Grave Sight' was slightly darker than the Sookie books and was action packed from the start, a great mystery but at the same time you get to know the characters of Harper and her step~brother, Tolliver and their background. The illustrations are superb, bright, eye~catching and an impressive vision of Harper. 'Grave Sight' will not leave you disappointed if you enjoy this type of book, an easy, fun read which draws you in.

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-28 09:58

    Graphic novels are pretty new to me and I'm not sure how I feel about them, being so unaccustomed to the format. My boyfriend is nuts about them and was trying to spread the love when he picked this up for me. Having been exposed to some Alan Moore and lots of Warren Ellis, I found this a bit pedestrian in comparison. Having read a fair bit of Charlaine Harris, I think you miss out on her humour and subtle observation in this format. So overall, I don't think this comic brings anything particularly earth-shattering to the world...

  • Elaine
    2019-06-02 07:39

    While I enjoyed Grave Sight, it did not compare to the Skokie Stackhouse series and I found Harper Connelly a little bit annoying. The premise is cool. Charlaine Harris tells a great story, but I was a little weirded out about Harper and Tolliver's relationship.

  • Richard Denney
    2019-05-26 08:36

    Loved the novel version and graphic novel is pretty good as well. :) Need to get a hold of part 2 and 3 now from the library.

  • Dani (Pen to Paper)
    2019-05-21 06:03

    This is my first experience with a graphic novel, and I have to say that I wasn't sure whether or not it would be a good one. I used to read Manga when I was quite a bit younger - probably around 13/14, but it has been a long time since I've read anything like that, and I wasn't sure if it would still be my kind of thing. This is why I bought this graphic novel in particular - I absolutely adore Charlaine Harris, and have already read all but one of the Harper Connelly series, so I already know that it's a story I enjoy. It also meant that I was able to compare the full story to the graphic novel, and see how well the Graphic novel matched up the original book. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I know that art in Graphic Novels and Manga can vary A LOT from one book to the next, so I didn't know, again, whether or not I would like the style of this one, but I really did. The artwork is really crisp and bold, and at the same time, really shows the facial expression of each character, so you can imagine exactly how they're feeling / how they're saying something, and it adds real depth to something that could potentially fall a little flat (in my opinion - seeing as you don't get the depth of the details on the characters or story, like you would in the full novel version). So the artwork is definitely really eye-catching and atmospheric, which I guess is one of the most important things with a graphic novel, so it gets a huge thumbs up from me for that. Harper's character though, looks absolutely nothing like I had imagined her in the novel. I can't quite decide on whether or not this is a good thing. I didn't expect her to look quite so grungy, and I can't remember if she is described as having really short hair in the novel, but it's not at all how I imagined her.I actually don't think, though, after some consideration, that this is a problem. It kind of sets the graphic novel apart from the original story a bit, and gives it a little more edge, which I love, and I guess actually suits the story really well - it's not a light-hearted, 'fluffy' story, in any way, shape or form - it's gritty, thrilling and mysterious.As for the actual story, this is quite a difficult one for me to comment on properly, under these circumstances. As I've already said, the story is familiar to me, as I've previously read the original novel that this is based on, so I can't say whether or not the story was entirely clear to me SIMPLY from reading the graphic novel. If I was to comment on the ORIGINAL story, I'd say that it's really gripping, thrilling, interesting, and that I absolutely adore it, but as I already know it, I don't know how good a job the graphic novel does of communicating it on its own. Obviously, the graphic version has to leave out A LOT of detail that the novel has, because it's not as long, and it's done mostly in pictures, so it's not quite as in depth, but I would say that it is still entertaining in its own way. I think what I'd have to do, to see if I enjoy the story in a graphic novel, is to pick up one that I am entirely unfamiliar with. But as far as this one goes, I did really enjoy it. What I would say about the plot, if you're thinking of picking these graphic novels up, is to make sure you get volumes 1,2 and 3 before you start reading, as the entire story is cut up into sections, and just reading this graphic novel on its own, will not conclude the story.Overall, I'm really impressed by my first graphic novel experience, and I am definitely excited to pick up more, both in this series, and others. I have ordered the first volume in the True Blood graphic novels, which I believe are whole, and different stories to the original books, so this should be something a little different, and will hopefully develop my love of the graphic novel further. I recommend that all Charlaine Harris fans DEFINITELY pick this one up and give it a go, but also fans of graphic novels, manga, fantasy and even horror.I just urge you to give it a try!

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-06-14 08:49

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: This graphic novel is a mixture of death, deceit, and one woman’s determination to use her unique gift to help find the truth.Opening Sentence: “Get away from her!”The Review:I have noticed a trend lately of beloved books being re-expressed through the graphic novel medium. I think that this is one of the greatest ideas yet. How better to rope in potential younger readers than to tap into the current obsessive visual stimuli? Or have long-time fans enjoy a visual representation of their favorite characters that doesn’t involve the television. Brilliant, I tell you. The Grave Sight Graphic Novel is no exception to the rule.This is a story of a girl that can find dead bodies. When Harper Connelly was fifteen years old, she was struck by lightning. Since then, she can sense the dead, find their bodies, and experience their last moments alive. Her and her step-brother, Tolliver, travel around the country locating bodies and telling their cause of death for money. One such case leads them to the little town of Sarne, Arkansas. Without meaning to, Harper and Tolliver are sucked into a murder case and the conspiracy to cover up the crime. Can the two of them make it out alive? Do they get to charge hazard pay for people trying to keep them quiet, permanently?This is a wonderful adaptation of Charlaine Harris’s Grave Sight. It stays true to the book while exploring the more visual aspects of the story. Harper and her brother look like they had in my mind while reading the series. This book in particular, addresses their close relationship that hints of more than a family-type bond. This added tension is explored later in the series itself, but I appreciate the heads up in the graphic novel.The artwork is raw. It gives that creepy/mystery vibe that is intricate to the storyline. The colors used portray the darker side of events that lead Harper and Tolliver deeper into the plot surrounding the death of a young girl, Teenie. I really enjoyed how Harper’s “gift” is drawn. Her eyes look vacant but contain an otherworldly light that reflects her internal slideshow. It helps that her “viewings” are in a reddish tint, reinforcing the point of murder and death.I recommend this graphic novel to those that don’t have the time to spend on one of Charlaine Harris’s more edgy forays into paranormal mystery. It gives a reader just enough of a taste to leave you wanting to know how it all ends.FTC Advisory: Dynamite Entertainment graciously provided me with a copy of Grave Sight: Book 1. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. The only payment I’ve received are in hugs and kisses from my little boys.

  • Phillip
    2019-06-08 06:57

    I got this as part of a Humble Bundle that I purchased a while back, which is good because I probably would not have picked this up otherwise. It is a little shorter than the other graphic novels I read. Also, I've never read anything by Charlaine Harris, so I don't have anything to compare this to in that regard.The protagonist, Harper Connelly, is a supernatural detective. She has the ability to see how people died, but not who killed them. She and her brother travel around the country selling her services.There is a bit of potential for this series. I really like the idea behind it. The execution was a little flat though. There are a couple plot holes that either just got overlooked or ignored. What bugged me most about this story is that Harper was hired to investigate a murder in this town and everyone acts like they don't want her there. As soon as she is ready to leave, people start approaching her asking her to stay. And part of that is because their initial skepticism about her is addressed, but that could have been handled much better.The art is pretty standard for the most part. I wasn't too excited about it, although I do like some of the techniques used related to Harper's ability. When she uses her sight, her eyes change. This can range from being subtle to overt depending on the drawing. There is an attention to detail here that makes it good. The second aspect is related to the events that she sees. It is clear to the reader that it is something she is seeing because of her ability and not another part of the story or a flashback related to another character.I imagine the novel series this is based on would be quite popular. I've got mixed feelings on this adaptation. Given the opportunity to read the rest of the story, I would certainly take it. However, I don't see myself going out of my way to get the next part.

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2019-06-11 09:36

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog had a chance to read both part 1 and part 2 at the same time. Although I've never read Harris' books and only saw a couple of episodes of True Blood, I still greatly enjoyed this adaptation of the novel. My one gripe, however, is that it is more like 1 issue of a comic series - very short and a 15 minute read at most. I think all 3 books in the series as one graphic novel would have been preferable.The story follows Harper Connelly, a girl hit by lightning when she was young and given an extraordinary power to read the moment of death of other characters. She uses this ability to earn a living - all the while guarded by her stepbrother Tolliver and haunted by the death she wasn't able to prevent or 'see' - that of her sister. Harper is in a small town collecting a service that will end up snowballing on both her and Tolliver. In between, alliances with locals will be formed, enemies gained, and murders increasing.The drawing style is realistic and not cartoony or stylized - a boon for this type of story. the story was easy to follow as a result and if there was something lost from translation of novel to the graphic novel, I didn't miss it.The actual story is 45 or so pages. Then there are 20 pages of 'bonus material' which is storyboards and an ad for another book. I rated this one less star for all the filler and shortness of the story.

  • Katie
    2019-06-05 11:41

    I read the novel Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris and thought it was an all right story when I read it, but seeing it in graphic novel form really made it pop for me. The characters didn't really look anything like I expected, but even though I know what happens in the story, I actually want to read the next issue. For some reason, seeing the book reduced down to the bare essentials of the story made it much more likable. The artwork was all right, although not a style that I particularly like. I think that if you weren't willing to sit down and read Grave Sight the novel, you would be pretty happy to spend a few minutes reading about Harper and Tolliver and their adventures. Harper has the ability to find dead people and see how they died. Of course that makes a terrific business, if people are willing to believe in your abilities. I think this is a good graphic novel to introduce readers (especially women) to the genre. I think that it's an accessible story and broadens the idea of a "comic book".ARC provided by Net Galley**** = glad I read it, I enjoyed it, and I would read it again.

  • Auggie
    2019-06-08 05:44

    Not at ALL what I was expecting. Tolliver was okay, except there was no depiction of his acne scars (which are mentioned several times in the book) but Harper looked not at all like she was described in the book. Harper is SKINNY, not full figured except for a teensy waist. I don't remember a description of her with a lip piercing or gauges in her ears, either. I think the point was kind of that she DIDN'T look like a punk-rocker. The description of Harper from the book was a pretty, perhaps TOO skinny, young woman that liked to be somewhat professional (professional clothes for example, it's mentioned several times that she likes to dress nice) and short hair that can be brushed (not styled into a pompadour). Overall I think that the idea of Harper came to life wrong in this novel and I didn't like it at all. To a point I'm cool with people taking creative license with characters, but I didn't appreciate this one because it completely altered Harper.

  • Debra Lowman
    2019-06-06 11:01

    After being struck by lightening, Harper Connelly can not only see the dead, but she is able to see how they died; although she can't see who killed them if murder was involved. With the aid of her brother, Tolliver, Harper finds herself in Sarne, Arkansas and knee deep in mystery, as not just one young woman is missing and presumed murdered, but in fact one male, two young women and in the end, their mother are all killed in this small town. The pressure is on Harper to help figure out who killed this family and why. The illustrations in the book are beautifully drawn, although I think true fans of Harris' will be surprised at the more goth style with which this graphic novel depicts Harper.Overall, this is good start to a new graphic novel series based off a book series that is in the popular rage genre of supernatural.ARC provided by NetGalley.

  • Habrewer
    2019-06-02 03:52

    The graphic novel for Grave Site is beautifully illustrated and tells us the tale of Harper Connelly. The story appears dark, based on the nature of the beast and that is reflected on the pages of this graphic novel. The colors used to illustrate the scenes are well chosen.I have read some of the author’s other series but have not picked this one up yet. Based on this graphic novel, I look forward to reading the entire story of what happens to Harper Connelly.Harper’s ability is different from anything I’ve read which makes the story interesting. The Story was easy to follow and flowed well. There was enough dialogue that I wasn’t lost with what was going on, especially since I am not familiar with this series.Overall I feel that the artist did a wonderful job illustrating this book, while keeping the story in the forefront. I give Grave Site 3½ Flaming Hearts.

  • Killian
    2019-05-21 05:55

    Quite interesting. I gave up on the Sookie Stackhouse series years ago, and was never able to get into any of Harris's other works. But maybe I would like them more in graphic novel form. Her writing does have a pulpy element to it that I think lends well to the medium.I'm not a fan of this art style, but it fit in well enough with the story.There were the usual throw in's of dark humor that Harris is so good at.Overall, I liked this book without having any knowledge of the series itself. Wish the Humble Bundle I got it in had the other two parts as well.

  • Lasciel
    2019-05-22 05:37

    Very enjoyable, great artwork.Very much enjoyed this.

  • Cherie (Myst)
    2019-05-30 04:46

    I picked up this graphic novel as Grave Sight was the first Charlaine Harris book I read, and I am a fan of the series.I didn't know what to expect of a graphic novel, and of course this is just a section of that novel "to be continued".The artwork was great, although having read the book I must have imagined the characters to look differently, as my first thought was "they don't look like that!", not that I have ever seen them of course.The story followed the first part of the Grave Sight book and was very well done in the flow of the graphic novel.Very different, but great idea. I think had I not read the book and had my own preconcieved ideas, I would have liked it even more :)

  • Lauren
    2019-06-11 05:41

    While I realize that graphic novels are their own interpretation of the book, I was surprised by the illustrative depiction of Harper and Tolliver. I guess I expected her to be attractive but a bit worn and Tolliver to be fairly striking, if not handsome. Otherwise, there were loads of grammar mistakes in the writing. I absolutely cannot stand that - take more care before you publish something! Have more than 1 pair of eyes check it out! For gods sake, hire ME to do it if it pleases you. But don't print, distribute, and sell a graphic novel with mistakes that has literally 2% the amount of wording you publish in a book. That's just sloppy. Here's hoping parts 2 and 3 get it right going forward...

  • Keith Irwin
    2019-06-17 05:47

    Unlike a lot of other reviewers, I know nothing about the author or her other books and didn't even know that this was an adaptation of a novel when I read it. Taking it just as itself, I thought it was pretty decent. The characters seemed interesting. The pacing of the story was good. The art was nicely atmospheric. But, in the end, it didn't really grab me. The mystery was so vague at this point in the story (really all I learned is that there is something going on, but no idea what), that I don't feel compelled to read on to find out the answers. So although I thought this was fine, I doubt I'll buy any more of this series. If I receive more as part of a bundle bought for other reasons I would certainly keep reading, but I don't really feel drawn in.

  • Gwnhwyfer
    2019-05-24 07:04

    When I saw this come in at work, I didn't expect much. After all, most graphic novel adaptations of popular books (some I've read in regular book form and some I haven't) seem to be crap. Personally, I think it's the graphics - everyone has their own ideas of characters, scenes, etc., but when you see another's images, they rarely live up to expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Grave sight. The characters are solid and vibrant, the text includes just enough to not leave plot holes, and the art wasn't bad (it wasn't my favourite, but it wasn't bad). I'll definitely be checking out the second volume.

  • Melissa Railey
    2019-06-18 10:51

    This comic features Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly character. Harper was struck by lightening as a teenager and since then she is able to see how people died. She can sense their ghosts and the places that they've died and the method of death. Harper can't always see who killed them but she can tell if they were murdered. Harper travels with her stepbrother, Tolliver, who works as her manager. I enjoy this character more than I do the Sookie Stackhouse character. I liked this comic a lot; although I did feel that the story was a bit short and I could've used more of it. I felt that it was well drawn but it did load a bit slowly on my nook.

  • Reanne
    2019-05-20 09:48

    Interesting premise, but too short and unsatisfying even for the first entry in a series. The art was okay, but I didn't like all the monotone. Whole pages would be all brown or all blue for no apparent reason. I thought at first that they were a clue to the different timeframes, but nope. They're just randomly all one color or another. Did not like that at all. I probably would have liked this more if the whole story had been collected at once, but there wasn't enough in this first entry to make me want to seek out the next one.

  • Yodamom
    2019-05-20 11:59

    Struck by lightening she, Harper, can hear the dead and how they died. He and her brother, Tolliver, travel from town to town searching for the dead. Shunned by many as a witch, she struggles to offer help. They travel to a small Arkansas town to find a lost teen girl and make many more discoveries along the way.I am a fan of this series from the novels and totally enjoyed “seeing” drawn out in this form. Fabulous art work and drawings. My only complaint, I wish it was longer.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-16 06:44

    This was excellent. Faithful to the novel, which is one of my favorites, and beautifully adapted. The artwork was superb and depict the characters just as I'd envisioned them in the novel. The burgeoning tension between Harper a d Tolliver was interpreted so well too. Artist and author nailed it and it's such an important part of the books. Loved the artwork. Stylistically I must say I'm a fan! If you're after an urban fantasy/paranormal comic you can't get much better than this. Magic stuff.